Picasso Shaggy Rug (Bambi Rose)

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Shaggy rugs are a unique style of floor rug, characterised by a longer pile length than other rugs. with many people choose a shaggy rug for their living rooms because of their soft texture, cushioned feel underfoot, and the relaxed, casual feel they create. Shaggy rugs are very durable, and easy to maintain. Another benefit of shaggy rugs is the warmth they create on your floor, especially helpful for anyone with carpet or wood floorboards in the winter months - perfect for a cozy evening in your lounge room watching your favourite new TV series or a movie. Our Shaggy Rug is perfect for any room in your livening room to your bedroom. Crate a cozy space by pairing this shaggy rug with a leather or fabric couch.

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