Our Design process

Once you have completed the form below requesting your Design Consultation, our designers will be in touch to book a 1-hour consultation in the Gallery of your choice. A fee of R500.00 will be charged for the first consultation, which needs to be paid on reservation. 

At the initial consultation a mood board, developed with the information provided by you, will be presented. You will be able to highlight the things that you do and do not like and decide your way forward with this creative operation. 

The designer will present a detailed contract; on which you will be able to highlight the endeavours you wish to either engage in or remove from the project. After the contract is signed, all additional design items selected are required to be paid in full. 

Home consults are highly recommended as they allow the designer to experience the space first-hand and accurately measure the room with our lasers. Home consults allow our designers to discover small details about your home and style which aids in the development of the design plan.     A flat rate of R1,500.00 is charged for a home consult, no matter the number of rooms.  

Other options and fees are:

2D Drawings - R750.00 per room layout

3D Drawings - R1,500.00 per room, per perspective 

Project Costing, Budgeting and Sourcing - R750.00 *Compulsory 

Design Fee - 0% *We do not charge you a 10-15% fee on total spend unlike other agencies. 

Discounts on Products Sourced and Purchased:

5% discount on all products over the value of R150,000.00

7.5% discount on all products over the value of R200,000.00 

10% discount on all products over the value of R250,000.00 

When necessary we are able to source products from a variety of suppliers, some of these items range from curtains, cutlery, and even to electronics. Due to our broad buying power, we are able to source nearly any item for your design project at unbelievable prices.