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June 23, 2021 5 min read

Decorating with leather adds character, quality, and warmth to your space—not to mention it’s a beautiful natural material that brings in lovely texture and a rich colour tone. Each leather piece is so unique, and its texture can vary depending on the look you want, from super glossy and smooth, to highly textured, or matte and rustic. Additionally, there is so much variance in leather colour and tones.
Leather is extremely durable, and with proper care and maintenance can last for many years in your home. To add to its excellent durability, leather also ages beautifully, and develops a natural patina that only gets better as time goes on. Each piece of leather is full of unique markings from scars, stretch marks and insect bites to brandings and scars – these “imperfections” are what makes leather so special. These unique markings are signs of life lived and add to the charm of the piece. Because of the natural markings on leather, small scuffs and scratches that develop over time through wear and tear will blend right in, making leather furniture and accent pieces ideal for family living.


 1 Leather Sofa

 The most popular and common way to decorate with and incorporate leather into your home is with a leather couch. Leather sofas are an excellent way to make a stylish statement in your lounge and are a great investment piece. The sofa is the main feature in any living room and so opting for a leather sofa will instantly define the space and give it a distinct look and feel.
Leather couches are available in a variety of colours from the classic browns and blacks, to some modern dyed colours like blue, green, or red. Leather couches are generally more expensive that upholstered sofas, however, they are an incredible investment options as there are very high quality and so will last for years.

2 Leather Ottoman

 A leather ottoman is a great alternative to a sofa when wanting to decorate with leather. Adding a leather ottoman adds a unique statement piece to the space. Ottomans are a multifunctional piece of furniture, from a great coffee table alternative to a soft place to rest your feet, ottomans are a great way to incorporate function and style into your home.
Similar to a leather couch, leather ottomans couches are available in a variety of colours from the classic browns and blacks, to some modern dyed colours like blue, green, or red. Whether you have a fabric or leather couch, leather ottomans look great with either so they can be used to either complete a cohesive look or to create contrast and anchor the room.

3 Leather Armchair

 Leather armchairs or leather occasional chairs are a bold statement furniture piece that adds a great deal of style to your space without the hefty price tag that can come with a large sofa suite. Leather occasional chairs are timeless, the soft supple feel of the leather lends to comfortable lounging, while the natural markings of the leather add an authentic charm to the room. Leather armchairs look great whether they are styled to match your leather couch or contrast against your fabric couch. Available in a wide variety of colours, leather occasional chairs can be customised to achieve any look and aesthetic that you wish.

4 Leather Bench

 Adding a leather bench to an open space is a simple yet impactful way to add leather into your home design. Since only the top cushion of the bench features leather it is a great way to introduce leather into your home if you are slightly hesitant. Leather benches are also very durable and strong, making them perfect for placing in any room in your home, from entryways and offices to at the foot of the bed or in your living room.

5 Leather Dining Chairs

 If you are looking to incorporate leather into your home in a fun, different way, switching out your upholstered dining chairs for some luxurious leather dining chairs is the best way to go. Leather dining room chairs are a great way to add a different texture to your dining room and are a great alternative. Perfect for family dining, simply wipe down your leather dining chairs with a soft, slightly damp micro fibre cloth after use, and clean and condition with our Leather Gallery Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner to ensure that they stay soft and sumptuous.

6 Leather Desk Chair

 Adding a leather desk chair to your home office creates a powerful statement, and adds texture and visual warmth to your space. Leather office chairs are long-lasting investment pieces that will only get better over time, with the softness of the genuine leather upholstery making long work hours much more comfortable.
Leather comes in many colours and dyes, as well as in a wide range of styles, so, easily complement the style of your office with a luxurious leather desk chair.

7 Leather Magazine Rack

 Leather magazine racks are a simple and affordable way to add leather texture into a space without making a massive commitment to leather. Leather magazine racks add a rich, organic feel to the space, as well as serve as a practical décor piece. Leather magazine racks perfectly complement other leather pieces of the same tone within your space—but they can also stand alone as a statement piece.

8 Leather Cowhide Rug

 If you are looking for an unexpected yet classy way to incorporate leather into your home, a cowhide rug is a great option. The organic, irregular shape and pattern makes each cowhide rug unique. Perfect on their own or layered with other rugs of similar tones and textures, cowhide rugs are an excellent way to add leather to your home in an unconventional way. Cowhide rugs are extremely durable, and if properly cared for and maintained can last for up to 20 years with minimal fading and shedding.

9 Leather Bed Frame or Headboard

 Whether it is a complete leather upholstered bed frame or simply a leather headboard, leather beds add a modern, eclectic touch to the bedroom. Due to leathers skin-like qualities it is very soft and cool to the touch, making it ideal for all climates and seasons. Leather is a great upholstery option for accenting with natural woods and metals, making a leather headboard the perfect with to create a cohesive look and feel in your bedroom with the various finishes, styles and colours.

10 Leather Pillows

 Scatter cushions are an easy and cost-effective way to introduce leather into your space. Simply style a few leather scatter cushions of various neutral tones on your fabric or leather couch and create a unique aesthetic. Leather scatter cushions are soft to the touch but need broken in. So, while they may feel stiff at first, they’re great investment pieces that will last for many years.