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Occasional Chairs

When it comes to selecting the perfect occasional chair for your living space there are a few things to take into consideration to ensure that you make the best choice to reflect your style as well as add functionality and extra seating to your living space....

The size and shape of the side chair you select is very important, many people already have existing furniture in their home and you do not want to overcrowd the space and create a sense of chaos in the room. Measuring your occasional chairs is not a very common thing, however it is essential to ensure that there will be enough space to move and walk around your side chair as well as sufficient space for your other furniture such as side tables, standing lamps and other home décor pieces.

The pattern and colour of the occasional chair is also a significant aspect to consider to ensure that it does not clash with the existing colour palette of the room, and seamlessly fits into and completes your living space. Subtle patterns can create a feature piece that can add more depth and dimension into the room but does not overpower it or look out of place. Often, when a leather sofa suite is a flat colour such as white, chocolate, black or grey, it can look stunning when an occasional chair is featured in a splash of colour, or patterned fabric. This can be tastefully complemented with cushions or throws of similar colouring, being placed on the plain leather lounge suite. It is a perfect way of bringing pieces of furniture together.

How you style and accessorise your occasional chair also makes a huge difference in the final look of your living space. We love to style our side chairs with tall, bold standing lamps, side tables and unique small décor pieces. We have a gorgeous range of occasional chairs that are available in different shapes and colours to effortlessly complement your home’s interior styling and create additional conversation areas within your home and living spaces.

Our range of occasional chairs are available at all Leather Gallery showrooms nationwide.

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