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A Day In The Life Of: Your Seat’s Perspective – Exploring Luxurious & Comfortable Seating

December 19, 2022 7 min read

A Day In The Life Of: Your Seat’s Perspective – Exploring Luxurious & Comfortable Seating

Welcome to a captivating journey through the world of luxurious seating, where each piece of furniture, from vintage-inspired furniture to modern and contemporary, has its unique story to tell. Today, we invite you to step into the lives of some extraordinary seats, from their high-quality upholstery to their ornate designs - offering a glimpse of their elegance, comfort, and versatility. From the opulence of the Berlin Fabric Sofa Suite to the versatility of the Julia Fabric Occasional Chair, these seats are more than just furniture; they are the embodiment of style and functionality. Join us as we explore "A Day in the Life of: Your Seat's Perspective."


Leather Gallery Berlin Fabric Sofa Suite

The Luxurious Berlin Fabric Sofa Suite

"A timeless classic, a vintage set, a showpiece, a work of art"… are some of the many titles people have given me but I like to refer to myself as the personification of luxuryTrust me, I am more gold than old. I'll leave you in wonder when you see my elegant jacquard patterned polyester fabric surface, as you ponder about my origins. I am an exquisite infusion of modern and vintage furniture styles, inspired by the Victorian age. With the use of innovative technology, my core has been fitted with an advanced S spring system that allows me to retain my alluring shape. I am adorned with extravagant cushions and my elegant seats that are specially made with density foam, encased in wadding, providing them with an extra layer of padding, to provide superior comfort. My inner beauty may be noteworthy but it is my outward beauty that I am known for, for it entices people towards me. On the outside, I am embellished with ornate carvings, exuberant and luxurious fabrics and I boast a strong, dark wooden framework. You will find me apart from the rest as I am reserved for the best of your guests, surrounded by the grandeur of the magnificent décor  and ornaments in the main living room.  Extra measures are taken to protect me from all the things that can cause me harm, after all, I am a prized possession. You may call me The Berlin                  

Leather Gallery Oakland 1-seater Sofa

The Extravagant Oakland Fabric Sofas

Many of my days go by standing still and looking pretty, sometimes I am decorated with a throw or perhaps a cushion or two, depending on my function for the day.  I make a fine throne for the birthday girl or boy and am often found in opulent settings, looking as glamorous as can be, as you and your guests line up for a selfie on me.  When you and your friends’ feet need a reprieve from being in heels all night long, you can take a seat on me in my spacious three-seater form.  At centre stage is where I’ll be, if you want the spotlight all to yourself, you can have it, on my cosy and spacious one-seater.  My deep buttoned tufted detailing and sleek metal legs add depth and texture to your surroundings.  I have a soft, smooth surface that is complemented by an S Spring system and webbing that allows me to keep my seats in their original shape and form.  My speciality resides within my tufted design that keeps me plush and plump, minimizing the need for constant readjustment of my cushions.  Now that I've mentioned my cushions, let me tell you about their contributions to my elegance…My seat cushions contain full-density foam, that is wrapped in wadding, to provide you with extra comfort and support but what keeps me strong and sturdy is my internal frame that’s made from Eucalyptus and Pine. When I’m not out and about, attending events, you may find me in a dressing room, living room or patio, where I make a statement…I am the Oakland and I am the epitome of opulence.                            

Leather Gallery Jefferson Fabric Wingback Armchair - Antique Linen

The Pristine Jefferson Fabric Wingback Armchair

In my name lies my uniqueness, I embody tradition and class. 

Inconspicuous as I am, I’m never out of sight, for I see you every time you walk past me and admire my pristine physique, as you contemplate having a seat on me, but then remember that I am reserved for your dad.  I am the spot of his solace after a long day’s work and in the mornings as he picks up his daily coffee, with the day’s newspaper in hand.  I am supported by an internal structure that is made from Pinewood, my core contains density foam which is generously wrapped in wadding, providing an additional layer of padding and support so that I can provide your dad with the luxuriously soft and comfortable seating that he deserves.  My high back has wings attached and my arms are gently curved, giving me a sleek, sophisticated look.  I blend in with your living room surroundings with ease.  On weekends I watch sports along with your dad, as he chomps on his favourite snacks that are placed on the elegant side table beside me, whilst he gets all excited about his favourite team scoring a goal and, in the evenings, as he unwinds with a nightcap.  They call me the Jefferson Wingback Armchair.                


Leather Gallery Lexington 3-seater Recliner Sofa

The Opulent Lexington Leather Home Theatre Recliner Suite

X marks the spot…in which I am situated.  Within me, you will find treasures galore just like in the treasure chest shown in your kid's favourite cartoon.  I am the Lexington 3-seater recliner, your children’s favourite place to be, you can always find one of them on me.  I recline back for your comfort with the simple pull of a lever, thanks to the Leggett & Platt mechanism fitted into me and in my interior, you will find density foam wrapped in thick, fleecy wadding to add extra padding for providing you with the rest and relaxation you need.  Game nights would never be the same without me and my other personalities, my 1-seater is the spot your dad likes to be at when he remains undefeated in every game of poker with his mates.  When mum needs a breather, she heads for my 2-seater which she likes to keep neater with a luxurious throw, I’m her personal favourite and she loves to let her friends know just how much she loves me because I am easy to clean. 


Leather Gallery Hannah Corner Sofa

The Comfortable Hannah Fabric Corner Sofa

My name is Hannah and this is my story…I used to be the life of the party, when you would have guests over or family gatherings, I was the place to be you could always find a crowd on me.  Over the last few years, my role has changed drastically!

I've gone from the life of the party to your lifeline in a time of need.  When you turned your living room into a makeshift classroom for your kids or a home office for yourself and chose me as the seat, you made me elite.  I fit into your space with ease making it easy to please everyone around you.  My base is crafted from Pinewood, making me strong and sturdy enough to support you and your family adeptly. 

I have S Springs that allow me to retain my shape after you’ve sprung off of me and density foam, in my soft and plush cushioning to provide you with the luxurious comfort you deserve.  I can keep a secret but could you imagine the things I could tell you if I spoke…Throughout my lifetime I've witnessed countless people come and go, and I've seen and heard your many conversations with people in person and on calls. I've been with you when you got lost in your favourite books and saw the delight on your face as you enjoyed games while chilling on me.  I've watched your favourite movies and TV shows along with you and heard your countless arguments, including those that land you a sleep on the couch but you need not worry because you can rest pleasantly on me.  Your kids love to jump on me and even spill things on me now and again.  I love watching you search for the TV remote even as it lies on the coffee table right in front of you and I swear I'd tell you if I could but only after having a good laugh first!  I've been with you in your best of times and your lousiest of times and I will be with you for many more.   

I know that the highlight of your day is coming home to me, to have a good nap, especially after those long days but don’t worry I won’t tell the bed that after all, I CAN keep a secret! 


Leather Gallery Julia Fabric Occasional Chair - Moroccan Sun

The Versatile Julia Fabric Occasional Chair

Versatility is my unique ability!

I come in many patterns and colours and can be found in various areas around homes, outdoors and even in office spaces. I bring the outdoors inside with my unique safari-inspired patterns but if sleek and sophisticated is more your style I am available in conventional colours,to match your home’s interior or exterior styling requirements.  I've seen many faces in waiting rooms, some wait with patience and others with excitement.  Pets galore! Say no more…they love to jump up on me and get cosy whenever they can. But don't you worry, I'm made from a beautiful suede textured 100% Polyester upholstery, making it easier to get all your favourite furry friend's fur off of me.  My flat, delicately curved armrests and firm, supportive backrest were constructed, with your comfort in mind.  My internal framework is crafted from solid poplar and gumwood, ensuring my durability and providing you with added support.  When you're in the mood for a good book and a soothing cup of tea you can adorn me with a throw  or scatter cushion, to make me comfier and cosier for you to relax on.  I’ll always welcome you with open arms. My soft, plush seats contain thick density foam, ensuring that I provide you with the most comfortable seating.  Sometimes I am brought out when you have too many guests over, but most often you can find me in your reading corner, while I listen as you read your favourite books out loud.  On the patio is where you'll find me during afternoon tea with your family.  Occasionally I am used as a stand-out feature within your interior and sometimes in your exterior too.  There are times when I am joined by my pal the Ottoman, to add to my exquisite functionality and appearance.  If you're looking to add a pop of colour or depth and texture to your interior or exterior, I'm the Julia Occasional Chair and I'm your go-to girl.  

In this immersive exploration of exceptional seating options, we've witnessed how these seats transform everyday moments into unforgettable experiences. From the timeless elegance of the Berlin Fabric Sofa Suite to the adaptable versatility of the Julia Fabric Occasional Chair, each piece adds its unique charm to your home. As we conclude this journey, we hope you've gained insights into their comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal, helping you make an informed choice when it comes to furnishing your living spaces.The world of seating is vast and varied, and these seats are just a glimpse of the possibilities that await you in creating your ideal living environment.