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Tips for adding the finishing touches to a home

February 16, 2017 2 min read

Tips for adding the finishing touches to a home
  1. Working with a set colour palate is the key to defining a beautiful room. Working with neutral colors keeps things looking consistent. Colours ranging from silky charcoal to romantic creams, can infuse a room with sophistication and posh charm. Neutrals are also a great way to support brights, bolds, pastels and more without causing any overwhelming issues.
  1. A lot of people opt for blinds today, which creates a more minimalistic atmosphere rather than curtains. Carpets, upholstery, & curtains give a room softness and creates a more luxurious atmosphere. Both backgrounds set the tone for art pieces and furniture.
  1. People often try to model their home after a hotel or hotel lobby. This is a completely wrong approach, as it is often impersonal and lacks warmth. Draw inspiration from it and create your own style.
  1. Use furniture that will create that ultimate look. Fabric couches are great for smaller spaces whilst Genuine Leather furniture creates a strong statement in larger spaces. Our signature Carolina Genuine Leather sofa is the epitome of luxury, and creates a warm lived-in feeling.
    Look through our fabric collection to find that perfect piece of furniture to  suit your style.
  1. People don’t really pay attention to the size of a rug, which is a very important element in designing a room. A big rug in a large space makes the room incredible, drawing all the pieces in the room together.
  1. Be sure to have chic lampshades. Step back to smaller, simple things.
  1. Another important element to use are flowers and plants in the home. It’s so beautiful to have something alive in the house, like a fern or some kind of plant or tree. It brings life into the house and sets a warm and homely feel.

  1. Nothing is prettier than candlelight when you entertain. You dim the light in the room and it just feels so romantic and pretty. It’s just about creating atmosphere.

  1. You have to have a few beautiful accessories to ground a room. This is what separates a generic room from a very personal-feeling room. These days there is a lot more accessibility to really special items - you can look at really chic interiors and find more affordable ways to find those things. 
  1. Collectables make fantastic conversation pieces. Whether it’s Chinese porcelain, or a sculpture, there are so many things you can collect that will make your home very personal. When you travel, buy beautiful objects that you love and will give your home a particular identity. Remember however, to always maintain a focus, and don’t make your home look like a souvenir store. 
Nothing wrong with souvenirs, just make them special.