June 09, 2021 3 min read


Smaller homes are becoming a big trend in South Africa. Whether it’s for financial reasons, an empty nest, or a desire for a lower maintenance lifestyle, many people are downsizing to smaller living spaces. Whilst downsizing does have advantages, like a more simplified life, moving to a smaller home is anything but simple with storage being one of the biggest headaches. However, with a little planning and out-the-box thinking, it’s very possible to create a comfortable home and keep your most prized – and necessary – items handy without tripping over them at every turn. With these downsizes, our bedrooms often become the space we go to in order to relax and recharge.

No one likes coming home to a messy, unorganized bedroom after a long day of work, but no one really likes cleaning it either. Finding the right bedroom storage design ideas might keep you up at night, but don’t panic. Whether it’s a lack of wardrobes, drawers or hanging space, there’s no shortage of clever space-creating storage solutions to help you create your perfect sleep space.

A bedroom should be a place to relax and unwind – not somewhere you have to fight through a clutter of shoes, clothes and toiletries. A cluttered bedroom can add to your stress level and keep you awake at night, making you cranky and tired on a regular basis. Taking the time to clean and thoroughly declutter your bedroom can turn your bedroom from a centre of chaos to a calming, relaxing oasis.

The bedroom is the one place where you want to have a sense of calm when you enter so you are able to get to sleep and feel rested. If you have things piled up all over the place, it creates an environment that puts your mind on overload. It also makes you feel guilty about not putting things away.


The first step to organizing a bedroom is to sort through clothing, decorations, shoes and anything else in a room that takes up extra space. Because we don’t always have time in a day to sort through all of our belongs, try keeping a large garbage bag in your closet where you can place unwanted items while you are getting dressed or cleaning your room that you can later donate.

Take a look around your bedroom. Is there anything that simply doesn’t belong in that space? Remove anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Your master bedroom is meant to be a haven from the craziness of life, so make sure the decor and things in the space spark joy.


Clear clutter off the floor

Clutter can be a constant battle in small spaces, but can help keep your rooms clean and calm. Try the strategy used here to gain valuable spots to stash essentials. Our bed side tables. Throw away old lotion, lip balm, etc. and any papers you no longer need. We find that these drawers can become a hording space if you’re not careful.

 Check out your jewellery box.

 If you have a jewellery box on your vanity, and you are like most people, you might rarely wear any of the pieces stored in there! We suggest going through your jewellery box and getting rid of anything that you have nit used in the past 6 months, unless of course, there is great sentimental value to a certain piece or item in your jewellery  box.

Shelving, cabinets and storage bins.

Not all items are pretty enough to be stored in clear view. In order to maintain a cleaner look, you can make use of hidden storage that keeps your items out of sight but easily accessible. Furniture items like storage ottomans can be a stylish way to disguise items you would rather not have in full sight.

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, look up! Create more surface space by purchasing small shelves for books or framed pictures. You could also line the perimeter of the room, near the ceiling, with a shelf to create even more space, or even create storage over your bed!

A bookshelf with storage bins is perfect for hiding scarves, belts, dirty laundry or any other miscellaneous items you don’t want on display. And there are also plenty of inexpensive, freestanding storage cabinets you can purchase to keep items neatly out of sight.