April 01, 2021 4 min read


Leather Gallery has crafted a range of Dining Set pieces that allow you to create your own unique, custom Dining Set. Choose from various table bases and table tops to create a combination that makes your vision come to life. These luxurious wooden table bases are crafted from Ash wood and thus, are strong and stable.

Ash wood is a hardwood but has a unique quality, that while it is extremely hard and durable it still remains relatively lightweight, compared to other hardwoods that when increased in strength, increase in weight. Whether you like dark or light wood, you can achieve any aesthetic in your dining room with the beautiful wooden colours, Antique Grey, which is a lighter toned wood, and Antique Coffee, which is a darker toned wood.

The Berkeley Dining Table Base is crafted from strong, durable Ash wood. Ash wood is known for its strength and hardness as well as for its significant shock resistance. The Berkeley Dining Table base takes inspiration from modern farmhouse styling with the wooden beams and X-shaped accents.

The Belmont Dining Table Base is beautifully crafted from Ash wood. The magnificent Belmont Base features intricately carved legs that closely resemble the country kitchen style of wood carving. The strong base is reinforced by the supportive beams and sturdy feet.

The Bolton Dining Table Base features a modern geometric wooden base that creates a beautiful illusion that draws your eyes attention. The strong, sleek lines of the wooden Bolton Dining Table Base create a streamline illusion that give your dining room a clean, contemporary look and feel.

The Charlotte Dining Table Baseis beautifully crafted from Ash wood. Ash wood is specifically used in crafting furniture due to its strength and open grain which gives you that natural, authentic wooden look. The Charlotte Dining Table Base features two beautifully carved legs on each side of the head of the table that give a subtle hint of personality to the table.

Once you have selected the style of the base you would like, you can then select the top that you want to pair with the base. At Leather Gallery we strive to provide premium quality furniture that is unique and eye-catching. Our range of table tops grants you the freedom to create a dining table that is either simple and minimalistic, or elegant and attention grabbing.

When creating your dining set you can select from a glass, marble, fluted wood or wood top. These various options of table tops allow you to create multiple configurations of dining sets. The first option for your table top is the glass table top. The glass table top creates the illusion that there is more space in the room than there actually is. The second option is the marble top, which creates a more sophisticated, classy feel. The exclusivity of the marble topwill elevate the feel of the room and create a space that feels rich and luxurious.

The wood top is the third choice that you can select for your dining table. It’s simple yet beautiful design adds a more homely, intimate feel to your dining room that is more inviting for your family and friends. Lastly, we have the fluted wood top. The fluted wood top is still more homely but has subtle detailing that adds an extra design element, instantly elevating it from being just a plain, simple wooden table top.

Once you have completed your dining room table by selecting the top and base of your choice, you can now select the dining room chairs that will complete your dining set.

The Baron Dining Chairs effortlessly blend classic, traditional looks with a modern country style. Expertly crafted with a solid Oak frame and smart fabric that is water repellent the Baron Dining Chairs are perfect for family dining. The Baron style dining chairs feature two options, the carver style and the original style. The Baron Carver Dining Chair features low, rounded armrests that make your dining experience even better. The original Baron Dining Chairkeeps it simple with its well-loved, classic shape and style.

The Duke Dining Chairs are beautifully crafted with a solid Oak frame and smart fabric that is water repellent. The classic, traditional style is perfectly combined with the popular modern farmhouse style to create the perfect dining chair to pair with your dining table. The Duke Dining Chairs feature two options, the carver style and the original style. The two are quite similar, however, the Duke Carver Dining Chair has two armrests that are adorned with extra fabric and padding for extra comfort.


Lastly, we have the Duchess Dining Chairs. These dining chairs are understandably one of the most popular dining chairs in our collection. Crafted from solid Oak, and upholstered with a smart fabric that is water repellent, the Duchess Dining Chairs are perfect for family dining. The Duchess Dining Chairs feature beautiful deep-buttoned detailing on the backrest. The Duchess Carver Dining Chair features low, gently sloped armrests that add extra comfort to your dining experience, while the original Duchess Dining Chair features luxurious studded detailing around the edge of the back of the chair.