May 03, 2021


Besides being a spot for relaxation and gathering, a couch tends to be the centrepiece of any room. Due to its size and placement, it's likely to stand out regardless of colour or style. However, choosing the right colour for your fabric sofa can not only bring a room together, but make a proclamation about who you are. All you need to do is decide if you want to take the sensible, yet versatile route, or go all in with a bright, bold statement piece.

Use colours that complement your existing decor for a cohesive look.

An easy way to choose a colour for a fabric couch is to base it off other colours already in the room. Using complementary colours on the colour wheel will guarantee a match and take out some of the guesswork in trying to find the perfect shade for your fabric couch.
For example, if you have a lot of orange in the room via lamps, rugs, or paintings, then a couch which has a blue hue would be a great addition.
You could also choose colours in the same family as your existing decor. if you have cool-coloured wood floors, try a cool-coloured couch. A black couch would look great with grey flooring.
If you're working with a new or empty room, you may want to pick a sofa in a neutral colour so you can easily build off of it when decorating the rest of the space.

Make a statement with a fabric couch in a bold colour or pattern. 

As a couch is usually the centrepiece of a room, try making it stand out. Pick bold or a contrasting colour to make your couch pop. For example, if you have bright white carpet, pick a dark grey couch or something black. You can also pick large patterns like floral prints or stripes to bring your couch into the forefront

Choose a neutral couch to match any room. 

A fabric couch in a neutral colour like cream, grey, or navy will look great in any room. You can also easily change the look of your fabric couch by adding throws or scatter cushions.
For instance, you could add colour to a grey couch with a throw and a few scatter cushions with a pattern. When you get tired of the same look, swap out the throw and scatter cushions with different colours and patterns

Match the colour to outdoor scenery to liven up the room.

If you have a lot of windows, try pairing the sofa colour with any outside greenery. For example, if you live in a heavily forested area, earthy tones like greens, browns, and tans would be complementary. Or if you have a large outdoor garden, you can match the colour of your couch to the shades of the flowers or plants.
For those that live in a city, bring in some colour from surrounding buildings. For example, look at the shades of surrounding brick or the dark grey of sleek metal structures nearby.

Take into account who will be using the couch.

Before you choose a colour for your couch, consider the other members of your family. If you have a roommate, children, or even a pet, you may want to go with a neutral dark or medium colour like grey to hide potential stains.
Small children are prone to making messes, and the last thing you want is to come home to a light coloured couch covered in dirt and food stains.
Similarly, pets like dogs and cats are likely to shed so you may want to match the colour to their fur. This will spare you both constant worry and cleaning.

Consider the location of the couch. 

Think about where you'll be putting the couch and how it may be affected by the location. For instance, if you plan to put your couch in front of a large picture window, the sun could fade the fabric over time. Choose a colour or pattern that won't fade noticeably, like grey or cream.

Think about your personality.

If you're the type of person whose style is constantly changing, then you may want to go for a solid, neutral colour. Though this may not seem surprising, choosing a colour and dressing it up with accessories like throw pillows is a great idea for someone with a shifting style. A grey, black, or navy couch works similarly to a blank canvas. It also works with pretty much any colour you want to add to it

Choose a fabric based on your lifestyle.

Depending on the members of your family or the kinds of friends you have, you may want to go for a specific type of fabric. For example, if you aren't worried about dirt or debris you should consider a linen couch. However, if you expect a lot of wear and tear, you may want to go with a more durable fabric such as leather.

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