July 09, 2021 3 min read


Velvet sofas are no longer reserved for the rich and affluent, now velvet is becoming more popular and accessible the more it is incorporated into furniture designs in new ways through various furniture pieces. Velvet sofas often feature unique finishes and designs such as pleating, tufting and deep buttoned detailing. These unique and eye-catching designs adds to the charm and elegance of the velvet fabric and furthers its beauty by drawing more attention to its unique, velvety finish.

Velvet sofas effortlessly add a rich elegance to any room. Available in a variety of warm and cool-toned colours, velvet sofas are extremely easy to style alongside other existing interior pieces, or can be finished in a bold colour, ensuring that it is a striking feature piece in the room.  Velvet sofas are extremely durable and can last in your home for many years to come. Velvet is very difficult to snag, meaning there are no loose threads or raised weaves that can get caught on by zips, buttons and other small things.

Velvet sofas are often interpreted to be hard to clean and maintain due to their association with high status homes and the rich, fine settings they are normal styled in. However, this is not true, velvet sofas can be used for everyday use and will stand the test of time. Synthetic velvets, that are crafted from high-quality Polyester are much less susceptible to stains, marks, fading or crushing. Velvet sofas are also relatively easy to clean and maintain. To ensure that your velvet sofas remains in as good of condition as possible, it is recommended that if something is spilt or dropped on the surface of your velvet sofa that you as possible. This is because it is much easier to clean the velvet before the mark sinks through to the base cloth.

The premium deep buttoned detail and sophisticated, scrolled armrests add to the timeless charm of the Oakland Fabric Sofa. This unique sofa suite is expertly crafted from the finest quality materials to create a sofa that is both comfortable and inviting.

The Oakland Fabric Sofa Suite will look perfect in your family living room, formal sitting room, as well as your bedroom suite. The entire backrest, the armrests and frame features beautiful deep buttoned detailing which adds a rich, luxurious feel to the sofa. The Oakland Fabric Sofa Suite is available in a gorgeous beige or navy velvet fabric. Crafted from 100% polyester, this velvet fabric is extremely soft and supple and gives the Oakland Fabric Sofa a rich, luxurious feel.

When styling our Oakland Fabric Sofa in a living room, we love to make it the centre of attention. For a more modern living room feel, we style the Oakland Fabric Sofa with a metal and glass coffee table. To finish it off, we love to style it with a sophisticated carpet featuring rich, deep tones to complement the luxurious velvet upholstery of the Oakland Fabric Sofa.

Tufted sofas are becoming increasingly popular in today’s furniture trends and we can see why. The luxurious Oakland Fabric Sofa is a bold statement piece that is still functional and effortlessly fits into any living room space. We know that the Oakland Fabric Sofa will look incredible styled in your home, and your family will enjoy years of premium comfort.

Our opulent Oakland Fabric Sofa is uniquely designed and crafted from 100% Polyester velvet fabric. Polyester velvet fabric is a luxurious material that is extremely soft and supple, and has a unique and shine to it. The Oakland fabric Sofa has a unique finish to it that makes it extremely durable and wrinkle resistant. This luxurious velvet fabric is less likely to show marks, crush or fade. It is also much less likely to snag due to it having no loose threads, making it perfect for family living.

The beautiful Oakland Fabric Sofa is available in two rich colours, Beige and Navy. These colours look breath-taking in the velvet fabric and are perfect for living rooms or formal sitting rooms that are styled with rich, warm tones such like mustard, navy, dark browns and other warm earthy shades.

The Oakland Fabric Sofa Suite is skillfully manufactured with a strong internal frame, that is crafted from Eucalyptus and Pine. The seats of the Oakland Fabric Sofa are supported by an S Spring system that ensures you are completely supported when you sit down on the seat, and that afterwards the seat returns to its original shape and position.

You and your family deserve to have the best sofa in your home. The luxurious Oakland Fabric Sofa is the perfect option for creating a living space in your home that is unique and inviting, and where you can entertain your family and friends in style.