June 17, 2021


As the cold starts to set in, we start to spend more and more time indoors in the warmth of our homes. In addition to spending more time indoors, we start to spend more time cuddled up in our bedrooms in the colder seasons, therefore it is a good idea to make a few minor changes to ensure that your space is warm, cosy and a healthy environment to be in.
Winter is now fully upon us, and we are ready to embrace the cooler weather after what seems like a very hot Summer and Autumn season. There is something so magical and familiar about the colder weather, from cuddling under thick blankets in front of the television to drinking hot chocolate and reading a book in bed, you cannot deny that winter has it perks. Having a healthy interior space is vital to your wellbeing as it affects your health, mood, and lifestyle. Having a healthy space includes things such as air quality, the type of materials used in the space, as well as the overall atmosphere.
To ensure that your bedroom is a safe, healthy space this winter there are a few things that you should have a look at to ensure you are surrounding yourself with good quality materials and a good, clean atmosphere. Your bedroom is where you will rejuvenate your body through the night, if your environment is not clean and healthy your body will be absorbing bad quality air, thus not providing your body with the best possible rest and air quality. Toxins come from your furniture, the paint used on your walls, synthetic bedding as well as rugs and cleaning materials. These toxins can be absorbed through the air we breathe as well as through the skin – therefore it is important to do your research on the materials used in your home.



Having clean, purified air in any room in your home is important, but the bedroom is one of the more crucial as this is the space where you go to recharge overnight. Introduce an essential oil misting diffuser to your bedroom to help create a space that smells luxurious and inviting, but is also clean and purified. Misting diffusers add a bit of humidity to the air which is ideal for bedrooms in the winter as we often need some more humidity in our heated-dry-air-winter-homes. To get a good night’s rest add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your essential oil misting diffuser – lavender works to calm the nervous system, making it the perfect scent for bedtime.
If an essential oil misting diffuser is not something that you are interested in, then adding air purifying plants to your bedroom is a great alternative.

The five best air purifying plants are:

1 Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum)
2 Dwarf Date Palm (Phoenix Roebelenii)
3 Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)
4 Philodendron
5 Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)



    While you may not be able to swap your whole mattress, pillows and duvet inners for organic ones, you can still change what you put on top of them. Organic cotton or hemp bedding is much healthier to sleep in, and investing in good quality, organic bedding will lead to healthier, better sleep.


    If your bedroom space is cluttered and messy, it will subconsciously affect you mentally, and make your thoughts and mind feel cluttered. Try to remove anything that is not necessary or related to the bedroom such as paperwork, electronics, children’s toys and anything else that you may have lying around. Another good habit is to put your laundry away immediately, do not let it pile up on a bench or occasional chair in your bedroom as this will add to the cluttered look and in turn make your space feel messy and unorganised which will then affect your quality of sleep.


    No matter what room it is, storage is vital. Make sure that your bedroom has enough storage space to keep all of your belongings safe and neatly tucked away. Whether it is a woven basket, nightstand, dresser or kist, bedroom storage is a must.


    Bedrooms that feature an off-white or other light, calming colours are ideal for getting a good night’s rest. In winter the sun sets much earlier therefore having light walls in your bedroom helps to keep your space from appearing too dark and dreary. To create a warm, inviting bedroom space this winter, consider layering different textiles. Comfortable cushions and thick, fluffy throws are a must in the colder months. Once your bed is completely styled with thick throws and blankets, the next thing to consider is to warm up your floors. A large rug will help to ground the overall look of your bedroom, as well as act as insulation to help keep the warmth in the room in the colder weather.

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