July 14, 2021


Mirrors can add light, double visual impact, and bring energy to a room. We'll show you how to make the most of design and placement when incorporating mirrors in your bedroom decor. Mirrors aren't just designed to add a decorative touch to an interior. They're also the perfect solution for making a space feel brighter and larger.
Before you hang a mirror take into account what is across from it. While we often hang mirrors based on available wall space, it’s important to think about what will be reflected in it. When hung opposite an important architectural element, painting, or piece of furniture it will give that item even more importance—as it will if hung across from something unattractive. Also, whenever possible ​hang a mirror across from a window. It will significantly increase the amount of light in the room.


For major visual impact, lean a large mirror against one bedroom wall. The reflection will make the entire room look and feel larger. Whether you opt for a wooden mirror or a sleek metallic mirror, we have the perfect floor length mirror to open up the space in your bedroom.


To make the most of natural light, place a mirror opposite a window in the bedroom. This can be done by creating a gallery wall with a range of mirrors of different shapes and sizes or you can opt for one large mirror that fills the space.


Try using a mirror in an unexpected place, like behind your nightstand, for a look that adds interest without overwhelming. Hanging a group of round mirrors above your bed creates a lovely look and feel, not only will your space feel bigger, it will create a feature wall in your room that the eye is automatically drawn to.


Using a large mirror in the bedroom not only creates the look of more space, it also adds depth and appeals to the overall aesthetic. Lean a large floor length mirror or an oversized round mirror against the wall in the corner of your room.


Choose multiple mirrors in varying shapes and sizes for a look that is fun, bright and not too fussy. At a Leather Gallery furniture store near you, you can find a variety of mirrors in various shapes, styles, sizes and designs. From large round wooden mirrors to sleek mirrors with aluminum frames.


Create your own vanity table by simply placing a decadent mirror on your favorite dresser, side table or vanity.


Skip the objectionable mirrored ceiling, and opt for a sexy mirrored room divider instead. Placed in the corner, it exudes elegance and romance in a tasteful way. Not only does this add a decorate accent in your room, it will make your bedroom feel bigger and your bedroom will exude light in a new way.


Mirrors can bring a lot of energy into a room, so when it comes to mirrored furniture, there's a fine line between chic and tacky. It's best to stick to one main mirrored piece, like this cool dresser that doubles as a bedside table.


Is there ever such a thing as too many mirrors? We love adding multiple mirrors, not only in your bedroom but in every room in your home. We love styling various mirrors of different styles and shapes to create  focal point in your room. Style a few large wooden mirrors with a range of smaller mirrors of different shapes.


Create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind headboard by using a large mirror with an interesting shape and delicate details. Visit a Leather Gallery furniture store near you to shop our wide selection of mirrors.


Despite their function, mirrors can simply be used as beautiful decor and placed alongside other favorite objects.
Decorating with mirrors is easy to master – but you can really only make the most of their effects if you know the tricks of the trade to position them correctly, choose the right weight of frame and frame design.
Mirrors are a wonderfully versatile design feature, adding instant glamor and interest, while maximising light and boosting the sense of space

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