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July 29, 2021 3 min read


 Let’s talk details today. Once you get the furniture in, the walls painted and your main artwork on the walls, the rest of the room really comes down to the details. Unfortunately, it’s these last few details that many people forget about or simply don’t think about doing. One of the go-to items for those finishing touches are vases! Today, we wanted to share a few tips for decorating with vases because they aren’t just for flowers!

Looking for an easy piece of décor to add to your space to spruce things up? Try a couple of vases! They are such easy, effortless things to add to your home to change the look or to add some colour and texture. They’re fun to decorate with and fun to see where in your home you like them best – on a table, countertop, coffee table, side table or even your bed side table.

The vases are available in various shapes and sizes. You can select vases in different shapes such as a, mason jar, round, cylindrical, hurricane, square etc. There are also dramatic floor-length vases that have been becoming increasingly popular lately. The big flower vase can have a height of about 40 cm. They can be kept at the entrance or one of the corners of the living room. Adorn the same with big dry twigs, herbs, dried flowers, bamboo, and long branches. 


 Flower vases in bright colours can make the flowers unnoticeable. So, it is better to choose vases with soft or light colours so that they complement the beauty of the flowers. A Metal flower vase is the most appropriate for this.


 The next important thing is the material of the Vases like Glass, Ceramic, Metals and Crystals. Steel Flower Vase is the latest trend as it can be used both in office and home. Flower vases are available in a number of materials so you have wide range to select from to mix-n-match.


Ceramic vases often have a handmade look and have a rustic yet appealing look. Depending on the workmanship and finished used, ceramic vases can give a very elegant and sophisticated look providing your space a casual yet stunning decorations.


 Shapes of vases also play an important role. Cylindrical and bottle-shaped vases are popular among for homes whereas Bowl like flat flower vases are popular choices for offices. The flowers arranged in vases of particular shape should not look awkward.


These vases are small but effective decoration piece. They hold a single flower or a bud. They don’t have the capacity to hold much of the arrangements. They are a picture perfect for an office table, centre table of living room, study table etc. Bud vases are tall and slender, much like the tulip vases, or can be short and round as well.


Hurricane vases are made of glass and are often used to hold candles. They are much more used as centre piece or décor item for any occasion or special purpose.


Tables and shelves are best places for keeping flower vases as they attract attention as centrepieces. But the flower vases placed on tables and shelves should be made of unbreakable material like steel or metal so they do not break on falling.


You can also go for customised flower vases which are very popular these days. These vases add beauty to the place and can also be used as gift items. Customisation of vases gives you the freedom of imprinting your name on the vase. If you have some time on your hands, you can turn a clear glass vase into a DIY protect and create a one of a kind vase for your home

A small vase or a floor-length vase, vases are certainly one of the best home embellishments. Vases are a quick and easy house decoration thing that can spruce up your space naturally. Vases that contain a bunch of flowers or plants, bring positive vibes to the home.

Whether you adorn your vase with a fresh seasonal bunch of flowers or something as rustic as tumbleweed combined with gigantic fake flowers, it sets the mood right!