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How To Decorate Your Home For A Romantic Valentine’s Day Date!

February 11, 2022 2 min read

How To Decorate Your Home For A Romantic Valentine’s Day Date!

Aim to make the day extra-special for your loved one, spruce up your Valentine’s Day with a little help from us. Forego the traditional dinner and exchange of gifts, by doing something a bit more creative and one-of-a-kind, which will leave your loved one knowing how much they really mean to you.


We've got a whole list of fantastically unique ways to decorate your home for a romantic date with your better half.


Planter Boxes

Decorate the room with beautiful floral arrangements. Bring an element of nature to the décor by positioning your arrangement in a planter. Planters are both dynamic and beautifully crafted, which means you have the freedom to mix and match your floral arrangements as you please.


Flower Cloches

Instead of a full bouquet, craft a delicate arrangement under glass. Flower cloches are easy DIY projects that you can do in advance using fresh and faux flowers. Place floral foam into the bottom of a sturdy cup. Fill the cup three-quarters full with water. Set a glass cloche next to it, so you know how high the blooms can be. Then cut flowers and greenery and stick them onto the foam. To finish, set the cup on a plate and cover it with the cloche.


Painted Candleholders

Create a romantic ambiance by using DIY painted candleholders. Visit your local home-improvement store for wood, that can be customised for you. The great thing about it is that you have the freedom to style the candleholders to your liking.


Tissue-Paper Wall-Art

The ease and creativity you have with crafted tissue-paper art is perfect for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands. A tissue paper heart, made from various pink and red coloured sheets paper, comes together quickly for a love-filled decoration that's sure to please.


Pretty Pink Balloons

Balloons are always the right choice for any event. Complete your décor with pink and white balloons. Add little extra touches of love with framed artworks with sweet messages printed onto paper or canvas, this can be placed on a mantle or hung up on a wall.


Zip-Tie Heart Garland

A cool spin on garlands, turn a bunch of zip-ties into a quick Valentine’s Day decoration. First, close the zip tie so that the tail is on the inside, and then pinch the bottom to make the point. Loop the hearts together as you go.


Pink Table Settings

Staying with the theme of love, set your table with hues of pink, white and red for an unforgettable dinner. Add little elements such as coloured napkins, pink rimmed glassware, or pink glitter in the shape of hearts to bring the look together.


Glitter Banner

Having a little sparkle in your décor is the perfect last touch to add to your room. Craft an ombre banner by cutting letters from a foam board, and decorate with different coloured glitter. This can be added to a wall which can also be converted into a photo-booth as the night progresses.