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How to expertly style scatter cushions

May 11, 2022 3 min read

How to expertly style scatter cushions

Most interior designs seem to be incomplete without scatter cushions. Adding even just two to a design can truly elevate the look and feel of the room. The style of a room can be greatly transformed with scatter cushions that feature bold prints, intricate patterns, and exuberant colours. 

It’s a small decor piece that makes a big impact! 

Here are some tips on how to use scatter cushions to enhance your interior designs to another level. 

  1. Set the tone of your room with cushion styling. 

Rooms that have heavy or dull colours can quickly be transformed with a pop of colour, choose splashes of bright shades to add a lightness to the room. Brightly coloured cushions can become the centrepiece of the room. Rooms that are quite large with lots of light can also benefit from scatter cushions, selecting deep dark hues such as red and navy will create an intimate feel. These deep tones can be matched to other fabrics featured in the room giving it a cosy ambiance. 


  1. Change with the seasons.

Each new season brings a new array of colours and textures, use these changes to change up the setting of your living spaces. This will not only set the mood of your space; it will be updated and in line with each season. The Summer and Spring seasons call for bright colours and floral patterns. While in the Winter and Autumn month will tend to want to lean toward earthier tones. Take a step outside and get inspiration from what you see. This will allow you to highlight the seasons accurately and create a nice feel within your home. 


  1. Texture, Texture, and more Texture! 

Textures are an interesting complex to scatter cushion styling. Using textures to decorate with is an extremely effective way of creating a space that you will visually enjoy. Soft velvety cushions and faux fur cushions are great textures to work with. Mix up different fabrics and blend the colours you have selected to create centrepieces with only your scatter cushion set up. The Dante Angora is a brilliantly textured cushion to work with, you can use this cushion with almost any other cushion to create something that matches your taste perfectly. 


  1. One-hit wonder. 

Patterns might just be the easiest cushion type to work with. Cushions like the Viscara Night and Haru Black can be showcased alone within your room as their patterns and designs are wonderfully designed to stand alone. However, if you feel that you may want to add some depth to your room with the one-hit-wonder scatter cushions, you can make use of plain cushions that complement the colours of your intricately patterned one. This will give volume to your cushion setup while still not taking the focus away from your one-hit-wonder cushion. 


  1. Choosing your colour palette

Selecting a colour palette may sound as if it is a complicated process, but really, it isn’t at all! Firstly, you will need to take into account the furnishings of your space as well as the art pieces and accessories that you already have featured in the room. Identifying two or three main colours will automatically become your colour palette. After finding the colour palette you think is going to be the most effective in transforming your interior design, select cushions that go with this colour palette. Keep to the theme of those colours and follow through with it in other furnishing and accessories you will want to add to the room. This will bring dimension and sophistication to your space. 


  1. Size and shape matter. 

While this does not matter with several other aspects of life, size and shape most certainly does matter when it comes to scatter cushions. Selecting cushions that complement each other in terms of their shape and size is essential in your cushion setup. Cushion arrangements are pretty simple and bring out the best in any room. Using the 2-1-2 arrangement is the most seamless and effective way to get the most out of your cushions. Choose two cushions that have solid colours or are plain, meaning without any pattern, and choose one with a detailed pattern. Place these in the 2-1-2 arrangement and see how it fits within your space. 

Ultimately, you will be the judge of what looks best in your interior design concepts and works best within the space you are arranging cushions. Making the right choices can impact the entire feel of your room and make a major difference in the balance of everything around you.