January 13, 2020


Whether you simply dropped gum on your genuine leather couch or you recently found out that your kids have been disposing of gum between the seats of your leather lounge suite, getting chewing gum on your real leather couch is never an ideal situation. Alas, we have a few simple solutions to successfully remove gum off your genuine leather couch and leave no evidence behind!

Ice Ice Baby 

By applying ice to the gum, you are able to harden it - making it easier to remove. However, there are a few steps one should take to avoid water-stains and leather damage. 

Step 1. It’s important to avoid getting your genuine leather sofa wet as this could cause water stains. Therefore, we advise placing an ice cube into a small zip-lock bag and then rubbing the ice directly on the chewing gum. 

Step 2. Once the chewing gum has hardened, use a non-serrated butter knife or an old bank card to slowly remove the gum, making sure you don’t penetrate or damage the leather. Should you find that there are remaining pieces of hardened gum, an old toothbrush will do the trick. Dampen the toothbrush slightly and scrub away any remnants. 

Step 3. Apply the aforementioned saddle soap or a genuine leather conditioner to the spot to ‘restore its youth’ and avoid any discolouration. 

Bring The Heat 

Just as ice aids in hardening the gum, making it easier to remove, heat can also play a pivotal role in removing gum.

Although this is a slightly trickier method, it also has a high success rate. 

Step 1. Use a hairdryer to heat the gum, softening it. 

Step 2. Use a non-serrated butter knife or an old bank card to gently remove the gum and once again, heat the remaining residue and gum remnants. 

Step 3. Use a DRY lint-free cloth to wipe any sticky residue or gum remnants. The gum will stick to the dry cloth and form a small ball - leaving your leather couch. 

Step 4: The use of heat will inevitably dry out the area. To avoid cracking and leather damage, use a genuine leather furniture conditioner to treat the entire area (or entire couch) to revitalise your leather, seam to seam. 


Note: you may want to clean the entire leather couch in order to avoid any colour differentiation between the cleaned area and the rest of the couch. 

Looking for the best genuine leather sofa conditioner to use? We will be reviewing our top picks in our next blog. Stay tuned.