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April 19, 2021 4 min read

The thing to keep in mind when styling a round coffee table is that different coffee tableshapes will all be styled differently. This is be because the table top will have different parameters you have to work within.
No home should feel overly themed, but you should have a cohesive look and feel going on with your home decor. Are you after a calm and soothing space influenced by the sea side or are you after a more glam and modern interior style? Whatever design theme you opt for in your home furniture and décor, your coffee table and how you choose to decorate, should work together.
Brand new store-bought decoris lovely, but how you choose to decorate your coffee table should speak to who you are and what you like. Our home décor is the space to express ourselves and add our unique spin on things.
There are many pros to a round coffee table, if you have kids, or you are clumsy, at least you don’t need to worry about the sharp edges. A round coffee table may also free up space in your living room. Opting for a round coffee table might mean that you can kick back and stretch out on a luxurious leather recliner without knocking your coffee over.

Now that we have established the basics, let’s look at how you can best style a round coffee table.

If you have a round coffee table in your home, consider the rule of two. Divide the surface of your round coffee table in half and fill each space with a lovely décor item that suits your personality, home furnitureand the style of your home. You want your round coffee table to feel full, but we don’t want complete chaos. This isn’t a dumping spot for all of  your belongings.
Creating a focal point on your coffee table is key to grounding your living room and could make all of the difference to the look and feel of your home. We suggest starting with a larger décor piece or two. You might want to consider a glass vase or sculpture. If you opt for a glass vase, you might want to consider filling it with some fresh or faux stems, this will add an element of colour as well as inject life into your living room. If flowers and greeneryisn’t your favourite, we have a range of colourful glass vases that would look lovely empty too.
As we said, your round coffee table is not a dumping ground, we want to avoid chaos in our home décor. That, however, does not mean that you can’t mix and match. Use the sections of your coffee table to create height, we love using a mixture of décor items to do this. You can choose to stack books on a beautiful tray, or use a mirrored trayas a base to display your favourite ornament.
Many coffee tables, especially round coffee tables have an open bottom tier, this may be exposed legs or another platform. Don’t let this space go to waste. Use this space to your advantage, do not let it become a place to dump odds and ends that might end up in your living room. We like using baskets as storage solutions under our round coffee tables.
Now that you have all the styling tips you will need to beautifully style your round coffee table, here are some of our favourites.
The Waldorf Coffee Table Marble top is the perfect combination of marble and metal. The silver finish of the Waldorf Coffee Table and Marble top base adds a chic feel to your living room. The nesting design of this coffee table is perfect for large and small living rooms. If you are cramped for space in your living room, slide the smaller table underneath the larger one. If you are entertaining guests and could use a larger coffee table, pull the nesting coffee table apart and have ample space to serve your snacks and drinks. The marble top of this coffee table adds a level of sophistication and will elevate your living room.
The Lexi Coffee Table features a metal base and aurostone top, the unique design of the gold legs will add an elegant touch to your home interiors. The sleek design of the Lexi Coffee Table will complement any home furniture. The Lexi Coffee Table is the perfect round coffee table for a modern styled home interior. The classic aurostone top of the round coffee table acts as the perfect base to create a focal point in your living room using a range of décor pieces.
If you are looking for the perfect round coffee table for your home, a Leather Gallery furniture store has a wide range of coffee tables to complete your living room.