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April 07, 2021 3 min read



These days we all find ourselves wanting more, more time, more storage and more shelving! If you’re thinking about updating your shelves or creating a styled shelf for the first time in your home and do not know where to begin, keep scrolling for some inspiration!

Here’s our go-to shelf styling process:

Step 1: Create a blank canvas

No matter what kind of shelves we’re styling, we always recommend that you empty our shelves out first. It’s time to get rid of those till slips you have been hoarding since the 90s. By clearing out your shelves first you will be surprised at how much of the things you have been storing no longer serve a purpose in your home.

By clearing out all the clutter, we can start fresh and see the space we’re working within a new light. A blank canvas is helpful when styling anything, but in our opinion, specially built shelves or cupboards!

Step 2: Consider what you’re working with

Once you have cleared everything from your shelves, look at what you already have, and start grouping your objects by size. This process makes it easier once you start styling, and it helps you to see the common thread in your pieces and consider what you may want to add to your collection.

If you find that what you are left with no longer suits your interior design or your own personal style, you can head over to your neatest Leather Gallery showroom or shop our collection of décoraccessories online.

Step 3: Ground the look with substantial pieces.

Start by using your largest items first to create focal points to style around. Vases, baskets, bowls, art, or other large decor items are perfect for adding substance and visual weight to a built-in.

When it comes to selecting baskets, we suggest keeping the look and feel very neutral and natural. We have a wide range of wicker and rattan baskets in all shapes and sizes. One of our favourite uses for our smaller range of rattan baskets is to pop them into a shelf and use them as a storage container. Baskets can be a great ‘dumping’ zone for all your odds and ends that you do not want to put on a show for the world to see.

Vasesare a great addition to shelving units, they add height, dimension and an easy way to add a pop of colour. If adding flowers to your favourite vase, real or faux doesn’t tantalise your design buds, we have a wide range of colourful glass vases in all shapes and sizes. Our personal favourite at the moment is our range of Rayne ombre vases. Available in three different sizes these ombre vases are a fun way to incorporate a lively pop of colour into your décor.

Trays are a very versatile décor piece and we think that no home is complete without a range of trays. We have curated a wide selection of trays to suit all your home décor needs. Adding trays into open shelves adds dimension but can also be used as a base to add your beloved ornaments.

Our range of smaller ornaments is perfect for displaying on your open shelves. We have curated a range of premium quality ornaments to suit every style and fill every corner of your home.


We typically like to stagger these items so that they don’t stack on top of each other and are not right next to each other, which helps create balance!

Stylist secret: It helps to place all of your similar objects at the same time. For example, style all of your vases, then your baskets, etc.

Step 4: Start to create groupings with your smaller items.

This next step can be the hardest part of the process, but also the most rewarding! We love to create groupings with our medium and small objects to fill in the spaces that our large pieces don’t occupy.

Stacking books, adding in boxes, and pairing two similar elements together are some of our favourite go-to’s. This is also the perfect time to add personal touches like family photos or collected objects to make it your own!

Step 5: Step back and evaluate, add and subtract

Once you’re happy with the general idea of what you have created, step back, and evaluate! Don’t be afraid to add, subtract, or start entirely from scratch if the final product isn’t speaking to you. Remember, sometimes pivots lend the best results!