February 08, 2021



Before you venture out to start buying décor, coffee table books and other styling items, consider the shape and scale of your coffee table, as well as your living room as a whole.


You do not want to overcrowd your coffee table to the point where there is not enough space left for you to comfortable rest your drink, television remotes or phone. A perimeter of open space should always be established to allow your arrangements of styled items to fully make a statement without getting lost amongst each other.


This open “breathing space” allows each item in the arrangement to stand out on its own as well as reduce the risk of it being knocked over if placed too close to the edge of the coffee table. However, if your coffee table is larger and grander, you have more freedom with oversized décor pieces and the options for creating various stacked arrangements to balance out the space. 



All perfectly styled living rooms start with a well thought out plan that includes even the small spaces, such as coffee tables, side tables and hall tables. These small spaces make a big impact and can influence and impact the look and feel of your space.


When it comes to design styles, no one is exclusively one design style, we all like various aspects of various different styles which allows us to create a diverse yet cohesive look and feel.


While we are all for mixing different styles, it is a good idea to think about what you would like the overall look or feel of the room to be and what kind of aesthetic you want to achieve — is it boho and natural, sleek and modern or more traditional and classic? If you take the time to plan out what theme and style you like it will be easier when it comes to buying and styling those décor items.





 There is no right or wrong way to arrange your coffee table, everyone has their own personal style and preferences that suit their home and lifestyle. However, there are popular trends and styles that most people like to adopt to create a beautiful yet functional coffee table area.



Creating one, two, three or even four stacks of books on your coffee table creates designated areas on your coffee table. You can place smaller décor pieces such as sculptures, ornaments or candles on top of the book stack to create a more layered look as well as create height on your coffee table.



A very popular styling choice is using a tray to create a functional base to begin styling from. Using a tray adds an interesting design element that also functions to keep your décor items organised and neat. Trays do not have to be plain and boring; you can incorporate a pop of colour or texture into your space using your tray.



When you incorporate a natural element of life to your table, you add a sense of freshness to the room. Experiment with various vases and pots that are complemented by your choice of either real or faux plants, flowers or stems.




Another very popular styling trend is the use of a decorative bowl. Decorative bowls or plates can be a feature piece on its own or it can be used as a place to display your smaller trinkets and décor items. Decorative bowls are both stylish and functional and pose as a place to store any smaller items so your coffee table is clean and clutter free.



Mixing textures such as metals and natural textures within your coffee table styling allows you to create a more inviting feel in your living room, rather than cold and grim. The more variety that there is, the more interesting your coffee table will look.




When styling your coffee table, you want to ensure that décor items are of varying heights and scales. This helps to ensure that your coffee table space does not look flat – literally and figuratively.


When playing around with creating height and dimension within your coffee table, it is also important to note that not all items need to be tall or short, you need to have a balanced variety.


If you are struggling to find items that are of different heights try use either tall candlesticks, sculptures or a vase with flowers or stems to add vertical height, and trays, stacks of books and decorative bowls and plates to add horizontal dimension.




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