April 26, 2021 3 min read

Spending time indoors can often feel overwhelming – so why not bring the outdoors in? That is what an organic design style is all about.
Our homes should be a sacred space, the space you can go to when you need to unwind and relax. The ability to bring nature into your home has been an ambition that many homeowners have strived for.  We love the natural and organic appeal of elements that make us feel calm, at peace and above all welcomed into a space. One of the reasons we love nature so much is our inherent connection to the outdoors and to natural elements that are living or decor that was living such as wood, cotton, leather and seagrass to name a few. 
If you are looking at redecorating your home and wanting to create a calming, welcoming, organic feel, we have curated a list of products that will help you complete your look.
You might be tempted to throw out all your current living room furniture out and start with a black canvas. It might seem daunting to purchase a large furniture item such as a couch. If you are not ready to commit don’t underestimate the power the smaller details can make.
Crafted from Elm wood the Livingston Coffee Tables' unique design speaks to all the elements of the organic home décor trend. The light wood colour of the Livingston Coffee Table has a calming effect on any room and will set the perfect foundation in your living room. The Livingston Coffee Tableadds style and function to your living room. Paired with three large wooden trays which can easily be used to serve your friends and family their favourite snacks and drinks while you are entertaining.
The charming natural grains of the Oak wood add a relaxed, homey feel to your living room space. Available in either Antique Grey or Antique Coffee, the Fairview Coffee Table effortlessly fits into any style of living room. The generous size of the square shaped table top creates a generous sized space for you to display all of your décor items, coffee table books and any other living room essentials. Storage space is extremely valuable in a living room space, and the Fairview Coffee Table provides that much needed storage space underneath the table top on the simple slatted shelf.
Now that you have the centerpiece in your living room, it’s time to focus on the smaller details such as side tables. A side tableis not only a functional element in any living room, it can be used as a subtle way to incorporate your design style.
The Faux Tree Trunk side table is the perfect way of bringing the outdoors in. Cast from resign and expertly designed to look just like a portion of a tree trunk, this side table can perfectly ground your living room, add a touch of nature and serve a functional purpose. Available in three colours, the faux tree trunk side tableis available in whitewash, antique brown and natural.
It is easy for us to overlook the impact that smaller décor elements can make in your home, in particular your living room. Our living rooms often have larger walls, adding an artwork or two is quick and easy way to add depth, dimension and colour to your home. Artworks are relatively cost effective and easy to move, this means that you can change the artworks in your home on a regular basis.
When looking for artwork to complement an organic interior design style, consider artworks and paintings with calming colours, hues of blues and greens perfectly tie into this design style and will perfectly round off you interior space.
There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to interior design. When creating an organic feel for your home, start by incorporating small elements.
Choosing a coffee table, side table and art workthat suits the style might not seem like a major change but when paired together it can make all the difference in the world.