April 09, 2021 3 min read


With the simple pull of a lever, you can lean back into the plush padding and unwind in style. Since 2005 Leather Gallery has been skilfully curating the most exclusive furniture and home décor ranges for premium South African homes. Our leather recliner has been specially crafted from the best quality, full genuine leather. We take pride in ensuring that careful attention is paid to the small finishes and detailing, to create a leather recliner suite that is a unique experience for you and your family.



We understand that not all homes are the same shape and size and so having an entire leather recliner suite may not always be an option, thus, our luxurious leather recliners are available to purchase as a one-seater, two-seater, three-seater or as a whole suite.

If you are not the type to purchase an entire leather recliner suite, you can still have all the luxurious relaxation with a single recliner. We have put together some styling tips for when you are purchasing a single recliner.


When purchasing individual furniture pieces, it can leave your living room feeling disjointed, it is important to make sure that your recliner coordinates with the existing furniture in your home.



Selecting the right leather to upholster your recliner will have a huge impact on whether the furniture piece coordinates or dominates your living room. When selecting leather, we suggest considering a full-grain leather recliner.


Recliners are often considered to be big and bulky; you should carefully consider the placement of your recliner. Consider balancing out space by placing a larger item opposite your recliner, such as a sofa.


Leather recliners add a rich, luxurious look and feel to your interior space that just gets better with time as the natural markings and colouring mature and deepen with each passing year. In order to ensure the lifespan of your leather recliner, we recommend using our uniquely formulated Leather Gallery leather conditioner and leather cleaner.


Crafted from raw, natural hides, leather has similar qualities to our own skin. Over time leather can dry out, and so it is important to properly care for and hydrate your leather recliner. Our leather conditioner is uniquely formulated to give your leather recliner, and other leather furniture pieces a soft, supple look by rehydrating and rejuvenating the look and feel of the leather. Simply use a small amount on a soft microfiber cloth and wipe down the surfaces of your leather recliner as directed.

Our Leather Gallery leather cleaner is formulated to remove water-based, as well as oil-based stains from your leather recliner. The Leather Gallery leather cleaner works to clean and brighten the surface of all of your leather recliner and other leather furniture. All of our Leather Gallery maintenance products have been formulated in a unique way to ensure that they are environmentally safe and sustainable.


The smaller details make all the difference. A luxurious throw or scatter cushion is a sure way of incorporating the colours and patterns of your living room. Placing a side table next to your recliner is a handy tip we like to use.
If you are shopping for a new recliner, we are sure we have the perfect recliner for your home.

The Geneva Leather Recliner Suite is one of our favourite leather recliner suites. The luxurious, rich padding and spacious seating allows you to unwind in style, and enjoy the sprawling space that each individual seat has.

Crafted from full genuine top grain leather, the Geneva Leather Recliner Suite is a premium suite that has all the top modern features. The Leggett and Platt Incliner Mechanism used in the Geneva Leather Recliner Suite allows you to slide the recliner forward and release the footrest when standing at least 10cm away from the wall. The classic shape and style of the Geneva Leather Recliner look perfect in any setting, available in Black, Choc, Beige and Wine. The possibilities of styling this gorgeous leather recliner suite are truly endless.
To make the Geneva Leather Recliner Suite even more luxurious and comfortable, the 35 density foam inners are wrapped in wadding. This makes the seat soft and comfortable, yet also aids in helping them retain their original shape and form.
Enjoy making many new memories with your family and friends while enjoying the beauty and extreme luxurious comfort that comes along with the Geneva Leather Recliner Suite.