June 30, 2021 2 min read

There are many sofa styles out there that are well-known and loved for various reasons, namely comfort, style and status. The Chesterfield sofa is a famous sofa styles that has become well-loved over the years by many homeowners. The masculine tufted style adds a rich, luxurious look and feel to the room and sets it apart from other simple sofa styles.
Tufted sofas never go out of style, instead they are becoming increasingly popular in today’s furniture trends. The Chesterfield sofa is a luxurious leather tufted sofa that features beautifully scrolled armrests that are adorned with studded detailing. The gorgeous genuine leather makes the tufted detail stand out even more, making this magnificent Chesterfield sofa the perfect statement piece for any room in your home.

What makes the Chesterfield Sofa so well-loved? 

Tufted sofas are incredibly comfortable, and can be often be more comfortable than generic sofa styles. The seat and back cushions on tufted sofas remain plush and plump, without needing to be constantly readjusted and fluffed up. The unique Chesterfield leather sofa is expertly crafted from the best quality exotic pulled up African leather. This exotic pulled up African leather is the sourced from the finest local leather distributor to create the most premium range of leather sofas.
The Chesterfield leather sofa features a low backrest that adds to its unique charm. The luxuriously soft pulled up leather used to craft the Chesterfield leather sofa leads to hours of comfortable lounging. The Chesterfield leather sofa has a modern, masculine feel to it and looks magnificent when styled in an office, formal sitting room, and even in a home bar area. The entire backrest, armrests and frame features beautiful deep buttoned detailing which adds a rich, luxurious feel to the Chesterfield leather sofa.
The unique design and expert craftsmanship of the Chesterfield leather sofa, paired with the excellent quality of the exotic pulled up African leather, make it the perfect piece of premium furniture to invest in. The classic furniture style of tufting never goes out of fashion, making the Chesterfield leather sofa the perfect sofa for your forever home.

How to style the luxurious Chesterfield sofa 

When styling our Chesterfield leather sofa, we love to make it the centre of attention. For a more modern living room feel, we style it with a metal and glass coffee table. To finish it off, we love to style it with a sophisticated carpet featuring rich, deep tones to complement the luxurious, rich leather of the Chesterfield leather sofa.
When creating the perfect formal living room, office or home bar area, the Chesterfield leather sofa is the perfect choice with its timeless tufted design. Expertly crafted from the finest exotic pulled up African leather, the Chesterfield leather sofa features beautifully scrolled armrests that are adorned with studded detailing, making it the perfect sofa for the most premium homes.