May 03, 2016 2 min read


Leather chairs and couches are probably the most stylish and elegant furniture you can have in your home. Many see leather furnishing as classic and simple. It exudes subtle stateliness previously reserved only for the wealthy.

Leather furniture when cared for properly looks beautiful. No matter if they’re new or old or modern or classic styling. As they age, they develop character and become unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Some owners feel they’re heirlooms they can pass on to their children.

In spite of all this, some people still doubt whether they should get leather furniture. This is due to the misconception that leather is tedious to maintain. Some say that leather is even more at risk if you have small children, pets, or even worse, both.

The reality is leather furniture is not much more work to maintain than any other upholstered furniture. Follow our easy steps to keep your leather chairs and couches looking stunning;

Clean regularly

The simplest way to keep your leather furniture beautiful for years to come is simply wipe it down once a week with a dry cloth.


Get dust and debris out of any crevices. Like any other upholstered furniture, you’ll want to remove the gradual dust build up in those little nooks and crannies. Your vacuum and upholstery attachment should do the trick


Applying leather conditioner is the biggest difference between fabric and leather upholstery maintenance. People often mistakenly think, the more they condition, the better. This simply isn’t true. Most commercial conditioners are too harsh to be used that often. Product guidelines differ but most will instruct you to buff your leather every 6 – 12 months.

Clean spills immediately.

Wipe up any spills as soon as possible. Use a dry cloth or a sponge to soak up the liquid. Only use a damp cloth if absolutely necessary. Never use soap or any other cleaning product that isn’t designed for leather chairs. They’ll deteriorate the leather causing cracks and breaks, or even bleach it. You want to use as little water as possible to clean up spills and always wipe it dry afterwards.

Do not allow water to soak into the leather, even if there is a stain, soaking will only damage the leather more.

Leather can dry out and develop tiny cracks. You can get the leather to repair itself though. Gently buff the area with a micro-fibre cloth until the cracks disappear.

Keep out of direct sunlight

Just as too much as sun is bad for your skin, too much sun is bad for leather. Keep your leather furniture away from direct sunlight.

Keep away from direct heat

As tempting as it may be to curl up on your cosy leather couch in front of a fire, don’t. The heat can dry out the leather.

Extra care for your favourite spot

We all have our favourite leather chair or spot on the couch. It’s suggested that you rotate your seating. So no one area is exposed to more wear and tear than any other. This isn’t likely to happen, so take special care of your spot. It will be the first area to develop signs of aging.