July 08, 2021 3 min read


The term “formal living room” can conjure up some not-so-pleasant memories from our youth. In the somewhat intimidating “adults only” rooms that belonged mostly to our parents or grandparents and their friends you would frequently find plastic protected sofas, fragile accent pieces, white carpeting, and lots and lots of upholstery. Very few of these fancy living spaces offered much comfort (or fun for that matter!) for anyone. However, keep in mind that formal living rooms don’t have to be so, well, formal.

If you are looking to redecorate your formal living room a Leather Gallery furniture store has the perfect fabric sofa suite for this room in your home.

The Chanelle Fabric Sofa Suite is a luxurious suite that perfectly complements, and completes any home. The attention to detail on the Chanelle Fabric Sofa Suite sets it apart from other sofas and makes it an elegant feature piece in your living room.

The wooden frame of the Chanelle Fabric Sofa Suite evokes an intriguing, luxurious feel in any interior space. The sophisticated fabric, plush seating and cushions make the Chanelle Fabric Sofa Suite the most comfortable seat in your house.

The unique shape and design of the Chanelle Fabric Sofa Suite make it the perfect statement piece for your living room. The timeless union of ageless charm and expert craftmanship highlights the intricately carved wooden frames with brushed silver accents. The unique Chanelle Jacquard pattern that is featured on the luxurious 100% Polyester fabric creates a beautiful contrast against the darker beige upholstery. The scrolled armrests are adorned with additional tasselled coverings that function as extra unique design elements.

Built to last, the Chanelle Fabric Sofa Suite is expertly crafted with a strong, secure internal frame. The framework is made from strong Pine wood, Chipwood and Plywood, which creates a secure base for the sofa suite. Upholstered from 100% Polyester, the Chanelle Fabric Sofa Suite is luxuriously soft and has a luxurious velvety feel. The Chanelle Fabric Sofa Suite uses innovative technology to ensure the retention of the shape and cushioning of the seats by utilising S Spring systems in the framework. The 30 density foam backrest cushions of the Chanelle Fabric Sofa Suite are additionally wrapped in wadding which gives it an extra layer of padding, making the seats even more comfortable.

The Castella Fabric Sofa Suite looks regal when styled with light wooden or silver metal Leather Gallery furniture. The contrasting elements create depth and dimension in your living room that also add functional value. The Chanelle Fabric Sofa Suite features matching scatter cushions, allowing you to create an elegant, cohesive feel in your living room.

The Chanelle Fabric Sofa Suite looks lovely when styled with our range of light wood or silver metal coffee tables and side tables, as well as the luxury carpets from our Leather Gallery carpets and décor collection. The unique Chanelle Jacquard pattern adds a classy, sophisticated feel into your living room, while also adding an interesting design element that draws the attention of all of your guests.

The Chanelle Fabric Sofa Suite will look breath taking in your home. This statement sofa suite is an extravagant set that will instantly catch the attention of everyone in the room. The creamy wood paired with the brushed silver accents creates a deep, rich feel that is warm and inviting.

We provide comprehensive furniture care and maintenance guidelines with all purchases to assist you with keeping your luxurious Leather Gallery furniture looking and feeling as good as new. We suggest that the Chanelle Fabric Sofa Suite is exclusively dry cleaned to ensure that it is completely and properly cleaned to retain its original look and feel.

If you think that this exquisite sofa suite is for you, visit a Leather Gallery Furniture store near you today. The Chanelle Fabric Sofa Suite is available on our online furniture store or at a Leather Gallery Furniture Store near you. We have furniture stores in Durban as well as in Johannesburg.