May 31, 2021 3 min read


Custom furniture design; cookie-cutter is out, your personal touch is in!

While planning your home interiors, you may have thought about choosing between a ready-made and a custom sofa. Come to think of it. Your couch will be your daily source of comfort and go-to rest area from a tiring day. If you are going to spend on one major furniture item, why not consider having a customised sofa.

For most people, the idea of a customised sofa seems unattainable. For a long time, the only way to have a customised sofa was to commission either a designer or a craftsman to build something just for you (let’s not even get into what that would cost). If a customised sofa is what you are after look no further. 

No matter what the shape your room is, you can always fit in a customised sofa to suit your lounging and aesthetic needs. There are dozens of couch designs and sizes in our furniture range; if none satisfy that x-factor you are looking for, choose a design from our range that you love and customise your sofa. When it comes to customising your sofa, the world becomes your oyster and the possibilities endless.

Before choosing a customised sofa to suite your needs, arm yourself. Remember, left-arm and right-arm configurations refer to the sofa when you're facing it, not sitting on it.

Make sure it fits. Take down the measurements of the space you have available. Consider taping out the size of the sofa you are interested in to get a feel of what it would look like in the space. This will help you quickly and easily map out room configuration options. When considering options to best suite the space you have available, here is what we think works best.

An L-shaped sectional with chaise allows for face to face conversation while leaving ample room for a coffee table in the center. This sectional fits well in a small area and can be used to divide a large open area, this cosy configuration creates a dedicated conversation area and sets a laid-back tone for any gathering.

Modular sectionals use multi-functional ottomans for seating that won't block anyone's view. Ottomans can be built into a sectional grouping for open seating, used as traditional footrests or even as coffee tables. Modular sectionals are an exceptionally good investment as they provide flexibility. Flexibility means more creative control, more open living space and more places to sit! More living space and more seating space sounds like a perfect pair!

The idea of the U-Shaped sofa can be traced back to the Romans who sat in this formation while eating, this was because they enjoyed talking while eating. Even today, sofas in U-shape are particularly well suited to sit together comfortably after work in a sociable round. They take up less floor space than individual pieces of furniture and also allow for extended family to sit together in front of the TV. U-shaped sofas have the further advantage that allows conversation partners to look at each other without distorting their necks.

The decision to buy a sectional sofa is a matter of personal choice. However, the benefits that a sectional sofa offers, make it a must-have furniture item for every living room. Visit our website to view a range of styles, fabrics as well as size options to create your own customised sofa.