August 05, 2021


It’s rare that we find an item of home furniture that is both practical and stylish, but the wingback chair serves both needs. The classic design of the wingback chair was originally designed in order to block drafts while sitting in front of the fireplace – the ‘wings’ were designed to keep breezes away from the face. That said, today it is so much more than that. It is a favourite piece of furniture in any sophisticated living room, library or even in your dining room area.

The wingback chair is a classic British style that can also be called a wing chair, an easy chair or a grandfather chair. This design was originally built in the late 17th-century, when the side wings were added so that the sitter’s upper body would be protected drafts of cold air, and would instead help to catch the heat thrown off by a fireplace. As a result, one of the most classic places you’ll find wingback chairs is located next to or near a fire place in a home. Cuddling up next to the fire with a cup of coffee in a wingback chair is truly a cosy and homey experience, and will make even the most stressed out amongst us relax in warmth and comfort.


A pair of wingback chairs at the ends of a table instead of armchairs mixes things up in a dining room. If you’re combining wingback chairs with conventional dining table chairs, make sure the shapes work together, the designs complement each other and that the wingback occasional chair is the statement piece.


Wingback chairs look great in pairs. Because their sinuous shape is so sculptural, they almost beg to be balanced in a room with another wingback occasional chair.

There are three ways of pairing wingbacks. The first is placing them side by side with space between them to accommodate a fireplace.

Or they can be placed side by side with no space between. While this scenario replaces a love seat or two-seater couch, it offers much more in terms of style and visual movement.

Another way of coupling two wingback occasional is facing them opposite a coffee table, although wingback chairs look super in pairs, they also work well on their own. They’re often used to fill a corner in your living room or even your bedroom.


The Salina Wingback Occasional Chair adds a sophisticated touch to any room that will never goes out of style. The modern metallic studded detailing, sophisticated deep buttoned patterned backrest and beautifully crafted wooden legs all work cohesively together to create a sophisticated leather occasional chair that is bold and eye-catching.

Crafted and upholstered in the finest quality full top grain pulled up leather, the Salina Leather Wingback Occasional Chair features no second layer of leather, meaning it is a premium investment piece that is crafted from the finest quality materials you can get. To ensure the weight of the occasional chair and the guest are fully supported an internal frame was crafted from solid Pine wood. Luxuriously soft yet still supportive, the Salina Leather Wingback Occasional Chair features high density foam that is completely wrapped in thick fleecy wadding.

Leather care and maintenance is a vital step in ensuring that your leather furniture remains in immaculate condition. We have created a uniquely formulated leather maintenance range that is environmentally safe and is perfect for keeping your leather furniture looking and feeling brand new. The leather conditioner and leather cleaner will assist you with keeping your Salina Leather Wingback Occasional Chair soft and supple.

It is easy to understand why the classic design of a wingback chair is timeless. Your wingback occasional chair can be styled in virtually any room in your home, from your living room, home office, bedroom or even a powder room. If you have any question regarding how to style a wingback occasional chair, leave your question in the comments or visit a Leather Gallery furniture store near you to browse our collection of classic occasional chairs.

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