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What your furniture says about your personality

June 23, 2022 2 min read

What your furniture says about your personality

Your personality can be showcased and detected so quickly and easily just by looking at how you decorate your home and the type of furniture you choose for your spaces. It can be quite interesting to see how a small piece of furniture or even a big piece can say so much about who you are. That is only if you’ve selected the piece to fit into your space. 


Lots of chairs and sofas- the entertainer

If you seem to find your space filled with more seating than the number of people that live in the house then you might be a bit of an entertainer. You like accommodating several guests and you seem to have created conversational areas in your home and it may just be your sanctuary. 
A cool tip: When decorating, keep an eye out for fun, interesting pieces to add to your home. This will make for great conversation starters when your guests are around. 


Bright colours- the spontaneous one

A majority of the population tends to go for neutral shades in their homes, however, if you find yourself embracing vivid shades in your space then you are most likely a quirky, energetic sort of person. You love to be spontaneous and trendy too. Following new trends seem to be something you prefer to do when decorating. 


In with the new- the caterpillar

We would not have butterflies without any change. Different artwork and photos displayed within a home show that you might be a caterpillar that finds it pretty natural to change and fall into new styles and themes all the time. This is great, it allows you to explore your creative side and bring fresh looks to your interiors. 


Themes- the ambitious one 

If you choose to follow a theme for your home, you may be more of a goal-orientated, ambitious person. You have the drive to keep up with the latest trends and the crowd.

And, a more natural home with the lack of a specific theme and neutral tones indicates that you are a sort of “go with the flow” type of person. You are pretty chill naturally. 

Vintage pieces and sustainable materials- the grounded one

Your practicality and grounded nature are pronounced when your home is filled with organic materials and repurposed previously loved items. You most likely have more vintage pieces if you are more interested in eco-friendly décor tactics.