July 15, 2021 3 min read

Corner sofas offer a flexible seating arrangement that is perfect for family homes. Corner sofas are extremely versatile and can be utilised effectively in both large and small living spaces. In larger living rooms, corner sofas can fill out the space and provide additional seating space for larger groups, while in smaller living spaces, the corner sofa fits perfectly in the corner of the room and does not take up unnecessary space. 
The Tobago Leather Corner Couch effortlessly combines elegance and contemporary designs.  The intriguing modern design of the Tobago Leather Corner Sofa is perfect for your entire family, featuring spacious seating and luxurious modern features.
The magnificent Tobago Leather Corner Couch is extremely versatile and can be styled in many different ways to suit many different aesthetics. The four beautiful leather colour options provide a luxurious starting point for styling your family living room. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to decorating and styling the Tobago Leather Corner Sofa. At Leather Gallery, we have a wide array of lavish home décor pieces, such as ornaments, ottomans, mirrors and more, as well as a collection of magnificent carpets, coffee tables and side tables that would all look perfect styled with the Tobago Leather Corner Sofa. 
In today’s society we are constantly on the go, even when we get home from a long day. However, relaxing when you come home from work is vital, as it sets the tone for the rest of your evening and prepares you for bed. The health benefits that come with unwinding after work are significant. Thus, choosing the best quality, comfortable sofa for your home is a no-brainer. The Tobago Leather Corner Sofa is the perfect sofa for your home with its adjustable headrests, as well as the 2 USB ports that ensure you are always connected to your loved ones.
Crafted from the finest quality genuine leather uppers, that have been especially sourced from international leather manufacturers and distributors, the Tobago Leather Corner Sofa is luxuriously soft and supple. Available in Black, Choc, Grey and White, the Tobago Leather Corner Sofa effortlessly fits into any living room, while adding a sophisticated, classy feel. The unique, modern finishes of the Tobago Leather Corner Sofa feature 5 adjustable headrests that makes your time lounging on this luxurious suite even more comfortable.
The Tobago Leather Corner Sofa has a strong sturdy base that is crafted from kiln dried China Birch, allowing it to effortlessly support your entire family. The seats are further supported by S springs which assist with returning the seats to their original shape and position after you have sat on them.
We recommend that you use our range of Leather Gallery furniture care and maintenance products to clean your Tobago Leather Corner Sofa to keep it in pristine condition.
The Leather Gallery UV Leather Conditioner is formulated to give your leather sofa a soft, supple look. It works to enhance and preserve the surface of the leather furniture while maintaining its texture and giving it a shiny finish. The Leather Gallery Leather Cleaneris formulated to clean and brighten the appearance of your Leather Gallery leather furniture. Developed to safely clean your leather sofa, the Leather Gallery Leather Cleanerremoves both water-based and oil-based stains, to help keep your leather sofa looking brand new, even after many years.
Corner sofas are the up and coming favourite sofa in modern society. They save you money, save a substantial amount of space in your living room, are the perfect size for families and are ideal for relaxation. The Tobago Leather Corner Sofa is perfect for entertaining all of your family and friends with its generous seating size and adjustable functions. It is expertly designed and crafted with its generous seating size and adjustable functions. The Tobago Leather Corner Sofa has been uniquely crafted with your comfort in mind, and the adjustable head and backrests allow each person to adjust their seat to their own personal preference, making it the ultimate relaxation experience.