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Why you should buy brown or shades of brown genuine leather furniture

March 02, 2020 3 min read

Why you should buy brown or shades of brown genuine leather furniture

Before deciding on the colour of your authentic, genuine leather couch, you need to consider your particular taste, together with what is trending to ensure that you make the perfect choice. Be aware that while a stunning colourful lounge suite (red, orange, green, etc) can brighten a room, it can also date, or you could tire of it after a couple of years. 

Black Genuine Leather sofa

Selecting Black genuine leather furniture certainly makes a statement, giving a setting a dramatic, modern feel. Remember, however, “Black goes with black. Black goes with white, and 'off-white’” (Mark Harrison) and black goes with grey. Black clashes with 'almost black'  and with tones of brown. A Black sofa works with tones of black/grey flooring. Simply working with these tones can make the setting, and room look stark and cold, and it requires carefully selected accessories  - rug, décor, cushions to give the room character and perhaps warmth.“Black enjoys its own colourless company. You’ll have to work harder to introduce colour into your palette.” (MariaKillam)

Grey Genuine Leather sofa

Grey genuine leather furniture is a lighter option to black and not as harsh. However, bear in mind that a true grey will clash with tones of beige flooring. Often a stone grey which has a slightly beige tone will be more user-friendly, and warmer looking in a home.

White Genuine Leather sofa

White genuine Leather sofas are beautiful and clean looking. These too, need careful accessorising in order to not make the room too clinical or cold. While all leather needs to be cleaned and conditioned to ensure its longevity, white leather requires regular and gentle cleaning and care, especially in areas with open windows and dust. The dust is inclined to settle in the grains of the leather, making it look “grubby.” 

Shades of Brown Leather sofa

Dark brown and tones of brown, beige, cream work well with all wooden, gold and even rose gold tables, lamps, chairs, plasma stands, tiles and most flooring.  Brown, beige, tan, and rust all blend and work with each other without clashing. They are part of the natural earth colours creating warmth in a room. Most colours, other than stark black, can be used as accessories. Brown genuine leather, especially the pull-up and aniline leathers develop a rich patina over the years, making the furniture look warm and comfortable. These colours are “safe”, timeless colours which can be used and changed up by means of various accessories. Because of the earth tones, their timelessness, and your tolerance, in your home is greater. These sofas can be moved to most areas and rooms. Tones of beige and brown leathers are in the “Safe Zone”.This zone normally consists of neutral, soft colours that are welcoming to a neutral, warm and hospitable environment. 

Perfect examples of the timelessness of shades of brown sofas can be seen in the iconic brown sofa in the popular TV Series Friends (it even features in the opening sequence),Sheldon Cooper’s brown leather couch in Big Bang Theory, The Hypnotist, and in fact most movies use this popular colour palette.


A brown leather couch looks great in any home. Tones of brown have a timeless versatility which can be placed in most environments. A beautiful large leather centrepiece is a statement piece in any modern or classic home. It can be a simple contemporary/modern design, or a more classic deep buttoned traditional brown Leather Chesterfield. A Chesterfield Leather couch can also be featured in any office, hotel, lodge, foyer or hallway, environment.

A signature brown piece like the luxurious “Carolina”, is the perfect item to provide your contemporary home with an elegant and timeless look and feel. It is the perfect companion for your living room for ultimate comfort where family memories will, no doubt, be made. The style works well as a full lounge suite or as a single feature sofa. In order to increase this versatility of leather sofas, Leather Gallery offers between 10 - 24 different leather colour options - many of which are shades of brown (colour options vary depending on the couch of choice). 

Decorative Asset 

The classic brown tones of natural leather sofas are a dream to decorate. Their unrivalled versatility makes them an interior decorators dream. Thankfully, when it comes to choosing the correct scatter cushions, tables and complementary decorative accents, it is fairly easy to create the right ambience, especially when there are so many leather colours to choose from!

Cleaning and repairing

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your natural leather couch, one is required to use special cleaning and conditioning or balm products.