August 19, 2021


As one of the most well-used pieces of furniture in the home, and arguably the most important, when it comes to buying a dining table there are many different factors to consider. The saying “buy well, buy once” couldn’t be truer – a dining table is certainly an investment piece of furniture, but if you buy the right one, it can last a lifetime.

Whether you want a glass, marble, metal or solid wood, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the right material for your dining table. However, there are a few things you should take into consideration before making that big purchase.

Buying wooden dining room sets online can be intimidating. This is a dining set that will stay in your family for generations, the fear of messing it up can be overwhelming! There are so many questions.

  • What type of wood should you get?
  • Can it be stained to any colour?
  • Do you want an extendable dining room table?
  • Should you get a 6-seater dining table of a 8-seater dining table?


A wooden dining table is perhaps one of the most popular choices when it comes to dining tables, and it’s not without reason. Wood is classic, durable and is easy to repair if it gets damaged. Not only that, but it’s also incredibly beautiful. There are so many different variations of wood to choose from, whether it’s Pine, Walnut or Oak. Each piece of wood has a natural grain that shows character and depth, and as no two pieces of wood are the same you get a unique table that you won’t find anywhere else. However, when it comes to solid-wood tables, you need to be careful of moisture. If drink or food is spilt, it must be wiped up immediately as it can eventually lead the wood to split and swell overtime – be especially wary of watermarks left by cups!


Another element of the dining table you need to consider are the table legs. People often forget that the table legs and supports can dictate how many people you can sit around the table.

When you view a dining room table, sit at it and make sure you can cross your legs. Take into account taller members of your family or guests and make sure there is enough room for longer legs.

A table with thin legs in each corner will be easier to fit chairs in that a chunkier or ornate design or intricate base.


Featuring a strong, reliable Elm wood base that is crafted in a contemporary geometric fashion and a classic wooden table top, the Bolton Wood 6-Seater Dining Table is the ultimate dining table for any home.

The Bolton Wood 6-Seater Dining Table is available in either Antique Coffee or Antique Grey to allow you to match your dining table to the colour scheme and design of your dining room. The Bolton Wood 6-Seater Dining Table allows for your dinner guests to have enough space at their seat at the table while enjoying their meal. Ideal for small family dinners or intimate dinner parties with your closest friends, the Bolton Wood 6-Seater Dining Table is the perfect dining table for smaller homes.

Wood top dining tables have been a classic table top option for dining tables for centuries, and that trend is not about to end anytime soon. The natural grains visible throughout this table top make it a firm favourite amongst everyone. The Bolton Wood 6-Seater Dining Table is a versatile dining room table that effortlessly fits into and complements dining rooms of varying styles and designs, from classic and traditional to modern farmhouse or contemporary.

Not only is the simple and elegant Bolton Wooden Top Dining table available as a 6 seater dining table, If you have larger family or if you love entertaining, the 2m 8 or 10 seater option is perfect for you.

Now that you have selected the perfect wooden top dining table, its time to complete the look with dining room chairs. Each dining room chair that is carefully and meticulously crafted by Leather Gallery is more than just a dining room chair, it becomes part of your home, a place where you are your family and relax and enjoy making memories together. A dining room is often considered the heart of your home so why not have the most comfortable dining chair possible?

The range of Leather Gallery dining room chairs are available in two different wood colours. Your favourite dining chair can be ordered with either antique coffee or antique grey legs.

Crafted from the finest quality materials, our dining room chairs feature unique and innovative designs. We know that not everyone has the same taste and style and so we have curated a range dining chairs in various designs.

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