House and home bedroom suites

Furnish your bedroom with our bedroom sets, chests, mattresses and bedside tables

At Leather Gallery, we are renowned for our premium quality furniture, we pride ourselves on producing stylish, high quality furniture pieces that effortlessly ...complement the style of your home.

Expertly crafted to complement your lifestyle in terms of comfort, character and style, our wooden bedroom sets are available to purchase as a three-piece set which includes two wooden pedestals and a wooden bed frame, or as a five-piece wooden bedroom set which includes two wooden pedestals, a wooden dresser and mirror as well as a wooden bed frame. Our other bedroom furniture is carefully designed and crafted to perfectly complement your bedroom set

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Leather Gallery wooden bedroom sets has been carefully and meticulously crafted to set a calming tone in your master bedroom suite. Crafted from the finest quality woods, our wooden bedroom sets are strong and sturdy and feature intricate carving that instantly elevate the bed set. Available as either 3- or 5-piece ...sets, our bedroom sets are perfect for bedrooms of all sizes.

Add additional storage in your bedroom suite by purchasing a set of our wooden bedside pedestals. Bedside pedestals are perfect for adding additional storage space to keep your books, chargers and other belongings out of sight.

To complete your bedroom set, our range of premium quality mattresses are skilfully designed and crafted to suit all sleeping styles and comfort levels. Our memory foam mattresses are the perfect choice to assist with relieving major pressure points while your sleep. Specifically in your shoulders and hips. Our Heavenly memory foam mattress is uniquely designed to respond to your body type and sleeping position to provide the support your body needs. This mattress assists with keeping your spine straight while you sleep – adding to the relief of back, hip and shoulder pains. Our memory foam mattresses also have very little motion transfer, which is ideal for those individuals with restless partners.  

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Beauty Bureau

Designed for luxurious glamour, the Beauty Bureau Collection features a range of select bureaus. The collection has the perfect beauty bureau for your space with modern, farmhouse, and industrial stylings to choose from. All of the bureaus within the collection provide generous storage space for your toiletries, make-up, trinkets, and more. The beauty bureaus in this collection will inspire you to create an elegant sanctuary space devoted to beauty routines and relaxation.

Bedroom Sets

Your bedroom should be a comforting haven where you can go after a long day to rest and relax. Create a dreamy atmosphere with the perfect bedroom set.

R15 299

Bed Frames

At Leather Gallery, we strive to curate the finest quality furniture that is crafted for the finest South African homes. Expertly crafted to complement your lifestyle and your home’s design and aesthetic, our bed frame ranges have something for everyone from metal and wooden bed frames to upholstered fabric bed frames and four-poster bed frames.

R7 099

Bedroom Storage

At Leather Gallery, we strive to create furniture collections that perfectly combines functionality and style. Our bedroom storage collection is perfect for creating smart storage solutions in any bedroom in your home, from tall boys and chests of drawers to vanity tables and beauty bureaus.

R5 199


Various bedroom storage furniture, made to suit your home decor including Tall Boys, Vanity Tables& Beauty Desks.


Our collection of free-standing headboards has been specifically crafted with your comfort in mind. The two sturdy legs of our headboards ensure that your headboard is supported securely while your mattress is pushed securely against it. Our range of headboards feature multiple different styles and are available in either fabric or leather upholstery, as well as in numerous custom colour options.

R4 999


Enjoy the beauty of this traditional wooden kist and make storage stylish by hiding away your linen, blankets and scatter cushions inside.

R8 899

Wooden kists/chests are more than decorative furniture but also good storage options for your bedroom, lounge and dinning room



Explore our luxury mattress options to provide you with a pleasant sleep every night.

R6 999

Comfortable and supportive mattresses available in single, double, queen and king

Choosing furniture for your bedroom is an important decision. Your bedroom is your hideaway, your sanctuary. This means that everything inside of it should be as comfortable as possible, and should...

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Our range of Leather Gallery Memory Foam Mattresses were chosen to suit all sleeping styles as well as comfort levels. Memory foam mattresses are great for relieving major pressure points while you sleep, specifically in your shoulders and hips. The Heavenly memory foam mattress responds to your body type and sleeping position, contouring your body while you sleep. It will keep your spine...

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Complete your bedroom and add additional storage with our range of luxury wooden pedestals.

R4 199

Every bed needs at least one bedside table pedestal

At Leather Gallery, we are renowned for our premium quality furniture, we pride ourselves on producing stylish, high quality furniture pieces that effortlessly suites the style of your...

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A bedside table serves two main functions. The first bedside table function is that they provide a surface to place necessary items such as a side lamp, a book, a glass of water, or whatever else you may want to keep close by the bed. The second function a bedside table serves is for added storage. Many nightstands also have storage space but a pedestal also helps with anchoring your bed so that it does not appear as if it...

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