Corner Sofas

Corner Couches

Fabric & genuine leather corner couches for your lounge or living room

South African homes, like our people are all unique and different. So, we understand that not everyone is drawn to a classic corner couch. We have designed ...and crafted an exquisite collection of leather and fabric corner couches that effortlessly complement the style of your living room. Our corner couches are available in a multitude of configurations and sizes to perfectly accommodate the size and shape of your home, as well as the size of your family.

Browse our collection of luxurious leather and fabric corner couches, available to purchase in various custom and stock colours as well as in a multitude of shapes and sizes.

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Every leather and fabric corner couch is carefully and meticulously crafted by Leather Gallery to ensure that it is perfect for your home. The time and effort taken to ensure that the unique designs are beautifully brought to life are unmatched. Our wide array of leather corner couches features the finest quality genuine leather a multitude of stock and custom colour options. If leather corner couches do not complement the style of your living room, then fabric corner couches are ideal for you.

Every household is different, and has different needs. Some homes are bigger and need larger more expansive corner couches to effectively fill the space, and some homes are smaller and need something more compact. No matter the shape and size of your home, our vast array of customisable fabric and leather corner couches allows you to build the corner couch of your dreams. From classic corner chaises and L-sectionals to U-sofas and U-sofa chaises – we have something for every home.

Our wide range of fabric and leather corner sofas are available in a multitude of beautiful stock and custom order colours, as well as various customisable configurations which can be ordered online or in store.

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Leather Corner Sofas

Our luxury leather corner sofa collection is manufactured to our own high specifications and standards. A few of our magnificent leather sofas are crafted in stunning exotic African Leathers, and we offer an Authenticity Certificate guaranteeing the type of leather used.

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Fabric Corner Sofas

Our premium fabric corner sofa collection combines style and comfort. We source our fabric materials from both local and international specialist companies, which manufacture and supply fabric furniture worldwide.

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