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Add some light to your home with our side lamps, floor lamps, lanterns and pendant lights

Lighting is often something that we overlook while we focus on the bigger furniture and décor items, but lighting it is something that is equally as important to complete a space. When choosing the lighting for your space, it should add to the design of the room and work cohesively with the colour palette and textures ...that you have selected for the theme and style of the space.

Side lamps are an essential part or every home, side lamps are perfect for creating ambient light in corners of your home. Our selection of side lamps caters to all design aesthetics. We have lanterns, desk lamps and side lamps. Our range of side lamps will help you set the mood and light up your home in style.

Our range of curated side lamps have been curated to not only be stylish but very versatile. Whether you are looking for a sleek and simple side lamp to spruce up your living room side table or upgrade your bedside lamp, we have the perfect side lamp for your home.

Our range of curated lighting has something to light up every space in your home. The lighting in your room should have a positive impact on the way you physically feel in that particular space when paired with good design. The natural light in your space and the artificial lighting you choose should balance each other out, and help to aid the specific tasks or activities of each room – think about a bright white for your kitchen versus a warm ambient glow for your living room or bedroom. More is not always better, and in the case of lighting, you should always choose quality over quantity.

Shop our wide range of side lamps online or at a Leather Gallery showroom near you.

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