Sleeper Couches

Sleeper Couch

Save space and be ready to entertain, with this 2 seater fold out sleeper couch, without sacrificing on comfort

At Leather Gallery, we are renowned for our premium quality furniture, especially our range of sleeper couches. We know that some people are short of space and love entertain. Thus, we have created the ultimate sleeper sofas to accommodate all of your guests.

Browse our collection of fabric and leather sleeper couches, available to purchase in a two-seater setting.

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The classic shape and style of our sophisticated sleeper sofas makes it the perfect piece to complete your living space. The flat armrests, deep cushions and solid frame allow you to experience ultimate relaxation in your home.

All Leather Gallery fabric sofas feature a Masterguard fabric protection that helps to keep your fabric couch in the best possible condition, our fabric sleeper sofas ...are no exception and are sealed with the Masterguard fabric protection to help keep them in mint condition. The special Masterguard formula contains polymers that surround each fabric fibre, this helps to prevent any stains from settling into the fabric. These polymers allow for liquid beading to occur on tighter woven fabrics, this helps prevent any harsh stains such forming on your couch. The Masterguard fabric protection will assist with preventing staining from both oil-based and water-based stains as well as premature fading from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Proper care and maintenance of your fabric sofa is imperative to ensuring it stays looking and feeling as good as new. We recommend that you vacuum your fabric sofa on a weekly basis with a soft brush attachment to remove as much dust as possible. We recommend that you make use of a professional dry cleaning or steam cleaning service to properly deep clean any upholstered furniture at least once a year, depending on how frequently each furniture item is used. In life accidents happen, and when the unavoidable spill of liquid happens, immediately blot the liquid with a clean dry cloth to avoid the liquid from soaking in. Avoid using any coloured paper towel as the colour may easily transfer onto the fabric.

Our leather sleeper sofas, like our leather sofas are crafted from genuine leather. Raw, natural leather sleeper sofas have similar qualities to our own skin. Over time leather can dry out, and so it is important to properly care for and hydrate your leather sleeper sofa. Our leather conditioner is uniquely formulated to give your leather sleeper couch, and other leather furniture surfaces a soft, supple look by rehydrating and rejuvenating the look and feel of the leather. Simply use a small amount on a soft microfiber cloth and wipe down the surfaces of your leather sleeper couch as directed.

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Stanford Sleeper

1 Depth, 1 Fill

Stocked Fabrics Ready for Delivery in 1-8 Days in Most Areas

R19 899

Available in 13 Fabric Colours