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10 Interior Design Secrets

September 26, 2022 2 min read

10 Interior Design Secrets

Having an interior design concept is essential for when you are setting up the look and feel of your home. This can be a slightly tricky process due to the fact that the matching of furniture with décor pieces, to be able to create harmony and balance, can be pretty detailed. A single wrong move and you could possibly end up with a space that looks imbalanced and lacking creativity.


Luckily, we are going to reveal the top 10 interior design secrets that will help you create the optimal interior space that is the true representation of your personality and style.


1. Reuse what you already own

Work with pieces that you already have in your home. This will help you create a layered look in your design.

2. Make ordinary spaces shine with wallpaper

Mundane spaces will do well with the use of wallpaper. Creating an area of transition can be fun and exciting. Spruce up hallways and powder rooms with wallpaper that fits the look of your home.

3. Choose the right bulbs

The right lighting makes the biggest impact within a room. Select the right light bulb for your lamps. LED are energy efficient and can look great.

4. Add a bar

If you entertain a lot, this will be a wonderful addition. Bars are almost always the central point at parties. Every house should have a bar. It creates visual interest.

5. Deep shades

Don’t be afraid to experiment with dark shades. Accent walls that are dark will bring a lovely depth to your room.

6. Coffee tables are the way

A well-proportionedcoffee table will do a lot for your space. A statement coffee table in   an open seating plan will ground the arrangement and give it a sense of place.

7. The deal breakers

If your heart is set on a piece of furniture or décor, don’t compromise. Even though you may be able to save some money, the look would not be the same as you imagined. Follow your heart.

8. Collect Unique pieces

Curate a space that is truly one of a kind. That strange painting you are drawn to, or the cool pieces from the flea market, buy them all. This will help you add unique pieces to your space and reflect your personality well.

9. Fake a mirror using windows

Combining two mirrors is an easy way to fake the look of a window, which can add visual space and make your room look brighter and spacious.

10. A personal sanctuary

The importance of a personal sanctuary should never be underestimated. Creating a cosy and comfortable room to relax in will feel like being wrapped in a warm blanket. A place of peace that will also bring a relaxed, calm feel to your interiors.


The ultimate secret of interior designing is having fun. Don’t forget to add tons of fun to the mix and in doing this you will be able to enjoy the process of decorating your home to the look and feel you appreciate.