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What’s cooking this Heritage Day? South Africa, “A melting pot of diverse cultures.”

September 21, 2022 3 min read

What’s cooking this Heritage Day? South Africa, “A melting pot of diverse cultures.”

In South Africa we are well versed in diversity, just as streams converge to form a large river, our people have originated from many different cultural backgrounds to form the South African nation. Whilst South Africa is well known for its flora and fauna, it is also home to a multitude of unique cuisines and delicious delicacies, ranging from sweet to savoury, traditional to modern and so much more. There is plenty of unique South African culture and cuisine to be explored…So, what’s on your plate this Heritage Day?

Are you starting your day by sleeping in, in your comfy and cosy bed, as breakfast and a warm cup of tea are served up? As you lay in luxury, are you dreaming of what you're going to have for lunch? Does the thought of an outdoor picnic or brunch, tickle your tastebuds? Is a traditional breakfast more your preference or would you rather be surrounded by friends and family alongside the braai stand instead? Regardless of your chosen spot  and what’s in your pot, the culture ingrained within you, enables you to showcase your South African heritage among the people and places around you.

Just as your culture influences your cuisine, it also plays an important part in your interior design. While it may seem subtle, culture can influence the choices you make, from the interior décor to the lighting and furniture.  Some cultures favour bright and colourful interiors whilst others may prefer more natural and intrinsic interiors …Now that’s some food for thought!

Cultural interior design offers a diverse perspective into one’s culture and boasts a broad range of culturally inspired patterns, textures, ornaments, arts & crafts and more.

Here are some ways you can express your culture through your interior design space:

Brighten up your interior with traditional, culturally inspired colour palettes, patterns and textures. An intricate rug or a textured throw  allows you to subtly express yourself or if you’re looking for a more vibrant display, adding scatter cushions to your seats is a great way to showcase your culture while adding extra comfort to your seating.

Showcase your heritage by incorporating traditionally inspired arts, crafts, vases and ornaments within your interior space. Culturally inspired art not only sets apart your interior but also adds an aesthetic appeal.

Many cultures are deeply rooted in nature and even consider specific plants and fruits to be sacred. Incorporating faux plants and greenery  in your interior design is a remarkable way to portray your culture while simultaneously adding depth and detail to your design.

Nowadays there exists a great range of furniture, available in all colours, shapes, sizes, patterns and textures. Your choice of furniture says a lot about you and is an ideal way to express your cultural background. Incorporating elegant side tables and pedestals to display cultural sculptures and ornaments is an ideal way to showcase your heritage and your style while keeping a minimalistic touch. Not only is furniture a great way to showcase your culture, but it also has a long lifespan and can be passed on through generations, allowing you to preserve your culture.

Although Westernisation has heavily influenced our style choices, incorporating tradition does not have to be a mission, you can style your interior in a modern and sophisticated way while still adding your unique cultural touch.