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10 Tips For Creating A Classy Christmas Décor Setup:

December 05, 2022 3 min read

10 Tips For Creating A Classy Christmas Décor Setup:

Season’s greetings!

If you’re looking to host a classy Christmas celebration here are some simple and elegant décor tips to enhance your Christmas setup. 

Keep things simple yet trendy by incorporating a colour scheme 

While traditional Christmas colours are redgreen and white, they don’t have to be set in stone, having a colour scheme not only makes it easier to plan your setup, it allows you to express your style and creativity. From bright and neat with black and white or dark and delightful with a touch of brown and black, you can still keep things blissful.   

Accentuate your furniture

While we enjoy the functionality of furniture, we tend to forget that it can serve other purposes as well. Accentuating your tablesserverschairs and even your sofas with sparkly, dazzling Christmas décor such as baubles, tinsel, patterned throws and scatter cushions can liven up your Christmas setup. 

Enhance your decorative items

When Christmas comes around so does the décor, using your existing decorative items with a surprise twist can set the mood for your Christmas party and is a budget-friendly way to get into the Christmas spirit.  From do-it-yourself decorated Christmas baskets to ornately decorated candleholderstrays and more you can create anything with your décor!

Use faux flowers, plants and greenery

Although actual plants and greenery may be preferred, they require a lot of maintenance. Faux plants and greenery make a great substitute and can be easily decorated without having to worry about maintaining them too much as they are more durable than actual plants when adding decorative features onto them. In addition to this, you can still keep the look and feel that you want to create without compromising on the décor you desire. Bright coloured faux floral arrangements add a touch of radiance to your interior space.    

Maximise with mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to portray the essence of a room and come in all shapes, sizes and colours to allow you to effortlessly elevate your Christmas setup. From traditional to geometric and even spherical, mirrors can be used to create a sensational setup by adding special effects, imagery and ornaments onto them and can even be used to create a maze of mirrors that will leave your guests in a wonderful daze.  Mirrors are also a great feature for all those wanting to take a picture of their creative and classy Christmas outfits.          

Artwork and Ornaments

Using art and ornaments is an efficient and effective way to create a Christmas mood and atmosphere with minimal effort.  Ornaments are trendy and can be used to create a unique and sensational Christmas setup.  Bright hued artwork can create a cheerful effect, that’s spectacular for the festive season.              

Blend your décor with your interior design style and space

The diversity of interior designs and styles makes the décor possibilities endless.  If you have rustic interiors, warm, natural colours and décor would be the pick for you, on the contrary, if you prefer contemporary design then neutral colours and a monochromatic décor choice would be ideal.   

Santa’s here…prepare his chair! - Spruce up your seating area

Seats are a source of comfort, especially within a party, spruce up your seating area by adding classy Christmas themed décor onto your seatssidetables and coffee tables.  Seeing as Christmas isn’t complete without fun and festivities, your seating area can be used as a tool for entertaining your guests. While Musical Chairs, is a popular game with crowds, bring out a few chairs and have your guests team up to decorate them for Santa to find out who can decorate Santa’s chair the best for when he stops by with tremendous gifts.  


Your lighting amplifies your surroundings, having appropriate lighting can elevate the appearance of your setup and make it more alluring.  There are many lighting options to pick and choose from, lanternsfloor lamps, LED lights, pendant lighting, neon lights and more.  When selecting the lighting that you would like to use consider your theme, colour scheme and decorative elements.  Different coloured lights may be suitable for rustic Christmas themes whilst dimmed down, white lighting may be suitable for more contemporary styled setups.      

Wall Décor

Wall décor completes the look and feel of your interior.  Using creative and cleverly inspired Christmas themed wall décor in your Christmas setup would provide the perfect finishing touch. Floral wall decorations, textured picture frames, stickers and artwork are just a few objects that can be used to accentuate your walls this Christmas.    

Happy Holidays!!!