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Enhance Your Holiday Dining Experience

December 06, 2022 3 min read

Enhance Your Holiday Dining Experience

Enhance Your Holiday Dining Experience with family and friends over the holiday period by creating a hospitable and warm mood through your interior design.

Your dining room decor will help you set a pleasant balance of ambiance, atmosphere, style, and festive cheer. Gather around your dinner table to make lasting memories, drink, eat and be merry. Here are some easy decor arrangements that will add a touch of class and festivity to your dining room:


A great conversational statement piece, that will enhance aesthetics too, is a showstopping lampshade directly over the dining table. Layer lots of candles in  with golden candle holders and accessories to set a warm and inviting mood. Everything looks better by candlelight.


Faux Christmas Trees

Artificial and faux trees come in many different sizes with a variety of leaf shapes. These trees are a great maintenance free choice and can look very realistic. Sunshine, blue skies and beaches are not what people usually associate Christmas with, but for us South Africans this is a reality which we love! Move away from the traditional Christmas tree and deck your Leather Gallery faux tree out to fit in with summer.


Christmas Tree Baskets

Place your Christmas tree into a basket for a more trendy and completed look. A basket makes for an excellent base to start off your decorative masterpiece. A wicker basket will bring out the trees natural aesthetics.


Christmas Spirit - Decanters

Feel the Christmas spirit by filling up your decanters with spirits, eggnog, juices and other beverages. Add sophistication to your dining room with a mini bar area, all you would need is a drinks trolley and elegant glassware


Tie The Knot This Christmas

A lot of couples opt for a festive season wedding and a beautiful way to illuminate your venue is to add luxurious gold ornaments as centerpieces. Bring the magic of Christmas to your wedding with a symbolic ornament.


Ornaments For Mantelpiece

A mantelpiece can be artfully decorated with candles and ornaments. Try layering objects of different sizes in front of each other to create depth and visual interest. Start with the biggest objects first and work your way down to smaller items. For a more eclectic look, mix up different textures, colours, patterns and finishes. Set the mood by lining the mantel with candles, lanterns and flickering tealights. Continue the theme with natural elements such as pine cones, acorns and twigs.


Decorative Vases

A quick and easy decorating tip is displaying Christmas vase fillers throughout your dining room. Some unique and creative things to fill your vase with are sweet treats like candy canes. For a more rustic and natural look pine cones or wine corks make for excellent vase filler ideas. Add colour and a touch of elegance to your room with baubles and ornaments. Tealights are a great way to liven up your display.


Safari Christmas

If you live in South Africa or just enjoy the idea of themed Christmas parties, a Safari theme is a Christmas classic. Bring the outdoors in with elegance. Golden and ethnic ornaments will make you feel like you are celebrating the most wonderful time of the year in the most beautiful dining room ever.

Elevate your dining experience this festive season for special memories with your friends and family!