7 Tips For Buying High Quality Furniture

March 18, 2022

7 Tips For Buying High Quality Furniture

Buying furniture for your home should be fun and exciting, but for too many homeowners, the process of purchasing furniture tends to overwhelm and ruin the excitement.

Follow these 7 easy steps and your search for your high-quality furniture will have a happy, stress-free ending.

1. Set A Budget

Buying high quality furniture is a lifetime investment. Your budget plays a big role in decorating your home. Budgeting becomes even more important during the furniture buying experience since large pieces–sofas, couches, chairs and tables–are sometimes the most expensive part of any decorating project. Setting a budget early on in the design process will help you focus on what you can afford however, once you learn how to judge quality, you will be able to find the best values within your price range.

2. Assess Your Lifestyle

How your furniture is used is one of the most important aspects. If you have children or pets, you need sturdy construction and easy-to-clean furniture. If you’re furnishing a room used seldom, such as a library or den, you can focus more on aesthetics.

3. Choose The Right Colours

The colours you choose will also be influenced by your lifestyle. The rules are relatively straightforward. Light coloured furniture is a no-no if you have kids or pets, such items include light coloured dining chairs and couches. Mid-to-dark toned printed are often better and will hide any stains or mess easily, but this is not the only reason to purchase warmer tones of furniture. Using a warmer tone in the home creates a cosy atmosphere while using lighter shades will not offer that same warm feel.

4. Evaluate Your Space

Less is more, you can only have so much furniture in a room before it starts to feel crowded and inconvenient. On the other hand, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough seating and table space. To ensure that all your furniture fits comfortable within your home, take the time to carefully plan or measure each room or the space you intend to work with. This will allow you to envision furniture placement and see how your entire room is utilised.

5. Find Your Style I.Q.

A room filled with combined furniture styles is much more interesting than a room full of matching, same-scale pieces. Before shopping for furniture, you will need to figure out what you like and dislike. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles to achieve the look you want.

You will have to determine what is more important aesthetics or practicality. This is often a difficult gap to mend but it is an important factor in furniture shopping.

6. Educate Yourself About Quality

When you spend money on a piece of furniture, you want to know it will last. To make sure that you are actually purchasing good quality furniture, educate yourself on quality standards before you head to the showrooms. There are numerous books, and websites, that provide guidance on furniture creation. Once you decide to go to a store, don’t be afraid to inspect and test all products. Also ask as many questions as you can, this will help you understand the product better and aid in your decisions.

If you’re shopping online, contact the manufacturer to see if they have a retailer in your area that carries the piece or line, you’re interested in.

7. Remember Comfort

Nothing is worse than investing a lot of money in a piece of furniture, only to find out it’s hard as a rock, sags like a wet blanket or sits too high or low. Buying furniture is not as simple as it may seem, but the process can be stress-free. This is why it is extremely important to have all information, measurements and a budget in place prior to purchasing any furniture.

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