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8 tips on how to sumptuously style a shelf

May 16, 2022 4 min read

8 tips on how to sumptuously style a shelf

Shelving units are known to be most suitable for organization and storage in any space, be it work or home. While the functionality of shelving units is most appreciated, shelving units can be used to create a wonderful décor style within your space. It allows for unbounded originality and the ability to personalize your decorating concepts with items and designs that represent you and your living space.

Shelves can store almost anything, just as long as it's not heavier or bigger than the shelf itself. This allows you to bring in items from anywhere to pull the look of your shelf together. We’ve looked at some interesting ways to style your shelf, in a way that showcases balance and appeal in your shelf decorating techniques.

Tips on shelf décor:

  • Purchasing items for the shelf

Let’s start at the beginning, you surely will have to possess some items to be able to decorate your shelf. With the knowledge that shelves allow for creative freedom, you can purchase items for your shelves from any store. Consider your theme and work your way through from there. You will not need to buy every single item for the shelf in one go, give yourself time and select items that speak to you. One-stop décor stores like Leather Gallery are perfect places to visit. You would be able to find many items that fit with your theme and are of good quality.


  • Odd number are a yes for us! Arrange your items in odd numbers

If you chose to arrange your items in even numbers it would ultimately just look like your items are for sale in a store, choosing odd numbers to break the uniformity of the arrangement and give a bit of personality to your shelf.


  • Points of height

Create points of height on each shelf by using items that are higher in length for a more cohesive look. Again, creating points of height on your shelf will break uniformity and stop your shelf from looking like a storage shelf in some shops. Being able to create height within your shelf design will open up your options when purchasing items as you would not be confined to selected items. As long as the height of your shelf allows, you should select items that fill it up to the max length.


  • Bookshelfy vibes?

The addition of books to your shelf will bring a whole other feel to your design concept for your shelf. Books are starters of conversation no matter where they’re placed. Consider titles that align with your personality or that you would simply enjoy reading. Book covers vary beyond our wildest imagination and having the freedom to select books with covers that can blend in with your theme makes the idea of adding books to your shelf a fairly easy process. Featuring books on your shelf will gently highlight your passions and hobbies as well as create an appealing setup.


  • Use a mixture of vertical and horizontal arrangements

Objects of the same height should never be placed next to each other. This would throw off the balance of your shelf instantly. Instead, try arranging items in horizontal and vertical settings. Place a stack of books horizontally with a candle on top next to a vase or similar item. You could also style bowls next to a framed photo. This technique gives focus to each item in a subtle way.


  • Less is more!

Make sure not to clutter your shelf with unnecessary items that do not contribute to the look and feel of your shelf design. Placing too many items on your shelf will take away from your shelf being used for aesthetic purposes as well as storage to it just being a piece of furniture that’s storing your items. While there are ways in which a shelf with numerous items can be arranged to look pleasing to the eye, we suggest going for a simple setting that will allow your items to be focused on.


  • The triangle method

This is a pretty interesting method to use when planning how to arrange your items on your shelf. Separate similar items to follow a triangular pattern between the different shelves. So, for instance, on the first shelf, you place a jar and on the second shelf, you place another jar but not directly below the first jar. And then, your third jar can be placed in line with the second jar. This will create a unique triangle of similar items on your shelf and separate items simultaneously bringing a good balance to your shelf.


  • Have fun with colours

Make sure to spread different shades out on your shelf, placing too many of the same colours and shades together can be pretty dull for your shelf. Spread the colours out between shelves to make your shelf stand out. Another fun idea is to paint the back walls of your shelf. So, if you’re looking for a more contemporary feel, choose moody tones like dark greys and navy blues, while bright colours like tangerine and turquoise can bring a lovely retro feel to your shelves. Ultimately, selected colours that blend well with your shelf items would bring harmony to your shelf and the space around it.


Setting up your shelf can be quite fun, maybe therapeutic even. Making the right choices for your shelves will benefit your space tremendously bringing a sophisticated aesthetic. Don’t feel limited to personalizing your shelves as much as you’d like, this will make your process an enjoyable one.