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How to keep your leather sofa warm in winter

May 17, 2022 4 min read

How to keep your leather sofa warm in winter
Winter is slowly easing in and deeper into the winter months is when we start to feel the proper bite of the season. Global warming has impacted the seasons drastically and more especially winter, making it harsher than we have ever known it to be. Like the seasons change, the way we dress, eat, and live altogether changes too. We adapt to ways that insulate us and allow us to function optimally during the colder months. We tend to lean towards hearty comfort food during these months and opt for layers of clothing to assist in maintaining good warmth. Our homes are usually one the first places we start to make the most subtle of changes to introduce warmth.


The way we decorate can make a major difference in creating a warm comfortable space. Most homes have leather couches. These couches are sophisticated and luxurious and make sense to be a part of any home. However, leather couches can prove to be extremely cold to use during the winter.


Now, we are not saying store them away until the summertime. No. We have found some simple ways to bring so much warmth into your space that you’d probably appreciate your leather couch more than ever. Leather is usually colder than fabric since the thermal density of leather is higher. While the fabric is porous and its temperature changes according to its environment.


We’ve looked at some ways to warm up leather couches in winter:


  • A throw

Throws are the easiest and most elegant way to warm up your leather couch during winter. A good example is the faux furs, which are soft and extremely warm. These throws come in stunning wintery shades that blend well with the colours of leather couches. You can use the throw to cover up while watching a movie and as couch décor.


  • Warm cushions

Cushions with fleece and velvety textures such as the Aldo Phantom cushion allow you to create cosy layers on your couch. These cosy layers introduce a gentle warmth that brings comfy feels into your space. With the cushions, you can select a range of textures, colours, and patterns that match the rest of the décor in your room. This will create depth and dimension within your space.


  • Hot water bottles

These are a pretty cool way of warming up your couches. Hot water bottles are covered in quirky covers most of the time. If you filled one or two and left them under a cushion on your leather couch, it would warm up the material quite nicely. This will make your couch ready to snuggle up on and read or novel or have a long nap.


  • Thick curtains

You are probably wondering how curtains are going to warm up your leather couch, but hold on. Think about it. Curtains are used to block out the air and light coming into a room. Choosing to feature a thick neutral toned curtain in your room, that has a leather couch will keep your couch warm and safe from the cold winter air that can come in from outside. During the day, you can allow sunlight in to naturally warm up the room and during the evenings, close your curtains to protect the warmth created already in your space.


  • Slipcovers

Slipcovers are one way to bring many benefits to your leather couch, it not only protects your couch from cracking during the harsher months but also heat it well for when you need to sit on the couch. We all know what a leather couch feels like during winter especially when it has not been used for a few hours. Slipcovers come in many ranges of beautiful fabrics that can be matched perfectly with your leather couch to bring out the best in the room.


  • Rugs

Rugs are good insulators. Insulating your floors well will retain heat in your space and contribute to your leather couches not becoming icy cold to sit on. Choose rugs that fit in with your current décor theme. The Burke rug for instance is perfect to add to any space with a leather couch. It will fit in with the colours of a leather couch and insulate the floors. The hues of this rug are warm and wintery. Take a look at winter rug ranges to find something that will enhance your home in a way that makes you feel comfortable and toasty.


Planning for winter can become daunting to a point, but if you know the right methods and products to make use of then the process is not as bad as it may seem. It can seem as if you are draining away the luxury of your space by making additions to it for winter, however, that is not the case with these simple tips on warming up your leather couch. You can warm up your space and still keep it sophisticated and elegant during the winter. Winter is a beautiful time of the year and we should be able to enjoy it. So, by choosing to make things more comfortable in your home like making your couch warm for relaxation time, you will be creating the most wonderful opportunity for you to be able to enjoy the season.