May 06, 2022


"Home is wherever your Mom is." Our moms are, without a doubt, the backbone of our homes. She plays a vital role in our family and is certainly a powerful force needed in our lives. Her importance in our lives is incomparable. Moms are family managers, the world’s best chef, the household nurse, and our unique interior designers among the several other significant roles she takes on in our lives.

We’ve looked at 8 uniquely tasteful gift ideas that we think our interior designing and family managing moms might appreciate in their homes. 

1. Pinto Bamboo & Crystal Ball Ornament

A clear crystal ball is held up delicately by a metallic gold bamboo base making this a perfect piece for mom to add to her bedside table or to style on a stack of her favourite coffee table books.

2. Sapajou Noir Cushions

The versatility of the Sapajou Noir makes it the perfect accent piece for mom’s living space. It is a comfortable and stylish scatter cushion that will bring a nature-inspired element to mom’s home interior.

3. Stella Deep Merlot Throw

This luxuriously soft throw is an excellent choice now that we slowly enter the winter months. This will be a cosy addition to mom’s home while also keeping her snuggly warm as she sips on her merlot or afternoon tea.

 4. Exotic Bird Sculpture

This sleek safari-inspired sculpture is crafted from metallic polyresin, which will add visual height and colour to any space mom decides to style it in. It has a regal feel that's fit for a true Queen!

5. Fleur Pouf

This delicately designed pouf is French-inspired and will be perfect for mom to put her legs up after a long day. Its navy-blue and brown undertones will bring a sense of vintage elegance to her home spaces.

6. Metallic Palm Candle Holder

This stunning candle holder is lovely for when mom needs to relax with a book or host a dinner party and show off her impeccable décor taste. The palm candle holder will definitely set the mood with its sophisticated look and feel.

7. Faux Siberian Fur Throw

This interestingly textured Faux Siberian Fur Throw is another piece that mom will be thankful for this winter with its deep graphite steel tones, it will surely create a warm ambiance for her home. This luxury faux fur will be wonderful way to keep mom toasty warm in extravagance.

Kristi Pretorius is a South African artist from Cape Town, who makes use of watercolours, oils, alcohol ink, and acrylics to create art pieces that evoke a feeling of serenity and tranquillity from within. For art enthusiastic moms, one of Kristi’s abstract scenes will be something she can appreciate for years to come.

8. Sangria by Kristi Marie Pretorius

This monochromatic and calming painting certainly brings a sense of serenity with the contrast of light and dark tones, which creates depth. 


A tasteful piece will certainly make a memorable gift for mom. From artwork to exquisite winter throws, mom will always have something to remember this Mother’s Day by.

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