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Promoting good mental health with interior design

May 09, 2022 4 min read

Promoting good mental health with interior design
In the last decade, it has been found that the interesting connection between our emotions and interior design has become quite popular. Research has come to show that elements of interior design have several impacts on the positive and negative moods people may experience. This makes sense as our homes are our sanctuaries, the one safe place we can go to for peace and safety regardless of what goes on in the day. Our daily living spaces should be designed and set up in a way that will prove to be beneficial to us. 
Anxiety and depression have become an increasing concern over the recent decade and to be able to manage these with the use of fascinating design concepts can be a pleasant process. Making use of the correct colour palette and making good furniture choices, such as a more comfortable couch like the Arizona Leather Corner may be the key to enhancing the way you feel about the space you live in, bringing a good aesthetic along with comfort. These choices will ultimately contribute to your emotions being improved. 

Consider the colours

Assessing the colours within a room is a good start to creating a balanced space. Look at the colours and examine how they make you feel. Do the brighter colours evoke better emotions than dim colours? Is a neutral choice of shades making you feel calmer and more relaxed? What colours are making you feel nervous or edgy? Have a closer look at the hues around you. If you enjoy the feeling a certain colour palette brings then we suggest that you invest in that. Introducing a balanced range of colours that make you feel better will not only better your mood but will also bring a harmonious feel to the space. Colours that complement each other are usually very pleasing to work with.   


Wind, earth, fire, and water

“To be one with nature, is to be one with yourself,” it is quite peaceful to find a sense of grounding and serenity in nature’s elements. Natural elements are usually calming and can drastically soften the mood. It is not as daunting as you would think to add these elements to your living spaces. A candle can bring major benefits to your rooms, scented ones are even better. The Pompeii Soy Wax candle can be a stunning choice, it’s a scented candle and can be used as a décor item, which will complete your space while adding a subtle feel to the room. 


The layout

How is the layout of your room making you feel? Are you feeling comfortable within the space or is something bothering you? Is access to the room flowy or a bit rigid? These are some things to consider when attempting to change up the layout of your space. Move furniture around to see how it suits the space better, you may find a place for something that you never thought it would look that great in. You will find that new layouts can be pretty spacious and if you add some creativity to that then you are in for an immediate mood improvement. 


Letting in the light 

Lighting plays a major role in any space. It enhances and highlights everything found within the space. Sunlight is a known mood booster and letting in more of this wonderful natural light will add an interesting depth to your rooms while helping your mind too. Allow for your window spaces to not be blocked by anything. Curtain linings that are airy and light will allow gentle light to filter through and create a soft-lit space that is serene and peaceful. Mirrors have a good way of reflecting light and if you feel that you are finding it a bit difficult to bring in light then adding an attractive mirror can be useful. The Geoid mirror is an excellent choice if you are attempting to create a more spacious area while adding light to it. This mirror is great for minimalist spaces, which is a design concept that’s popular for being able to have balance within a space. 


Art is therapy

Choosing art pieces for your home spaces can be a fun thing to do. Art evokes several emotions and influences feelings of pleasure and joy. Leaving walls bare can bring a sort of dullness into the room. Look for paintings or pieces that speak to you, that make you feel a certain way which you know will help you feel better in any circumstance. Also, look for pieces that match the tones of your space. A piece like A Sunday Stroll by Kristi Pretorius is crafted to evoke a feeling of serenity and tranquility from within. 
Once you have found a space in which you can design to be wholesome to you and how your mental health can be improved, making small changes and big ones will be relevantly easy as it will be a smooth transition while you know what your mind prefers and what it does not. A well-balanced home with the essentials that you have selected will most certainly develop a harmonious place for you to be physically and mentally in.