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A Guide To Furniture Shopping On A Budget

November 23, 2022 3 min read

A Guide To Furniture Shopping On A Budget

Does the thought of purchasing furniture make you sigh in exasperation? Whether you’re a new homeowner, just moved into a new apartment, long time homeowner, or just looking to replace your old, faded and worn-out home furniture with a more modern, trendy piece, your costs and budget are usually the first thought that comes to mind.

Here is a basic guide to buying furniture on a budget:

  1. Do research, know what you want.

The first step to buying on a budget is knowing exactly what you want, in terms of size, space, style, colour, design, shape and special features. Research allows you to view the various pricing ranges, from which you can allocate your budget.

  1. Deals, Promotions & Discounts

After determining your budget range, you can now begin the search for your ideal furniture choice. Many stores offer promotions and discounts towards the end of the month, for special events such as Black Friday, Christmas, New Year - to introduce new product ranges, special deals towards the end of the range and even perks for being part of loyalty programmes. Keep an eye out for these specials from your favourite stores.   

  1. Purchase multipurpose furniture items

Purchasing furniture which has more than one use saves you time, money and effort. These can range from ottomans and base boxes which provide storage space and can double up as a side table or even nesting tables and occasional chairs that can be used in a multitude of setups, bedframes with shelves and mirrors or even bed bases that provide storage, sleeper couches and more. There are many multipurpose furniture products out there.

  1. Laybys & Payment Plans

Laybys and payment plans are ideal alternate payment options if you want to stretch your budget a little further, as they allow you to pay for your product over a longer time period. An added benefit of laybys is that once you’ve begun a layby contract the original purchase price that you are paying will not be affected by any later price increases on the product if all the initial payment plan terms and conditions are met. However, you will only receive your product after the layby has been paid off.     

  1. Follow social media pages and sign up for newsletters

Be in the know on sales, promotions, new and upcoming products and end of range products by signing up for store newsletters and following their social media pages. Many stores post daily updates via social media and can be contacted directly for further information via their social media pages. Newsletters are also sent out frequently to keep you in the loop for sales and promotions.

  1. Find similar alternatives

If your ideal furniture choice is not available, chances are that there are other products out there that have similar features and characteristics of the product you want. While it may not be a perfect choice it could still meet your expectations and that is why considering alternatives is a key aspect when furniture shopping on a budget.      

  1. Clearance warehouse

A clearance warehouse refers to a store’s warehouse clearance store where products that have been repaired or have slight manufacturing defects which are barely noticeable, are sold at discounted prices. Clearance warehouses are where you will be able to find spectacular savings on some of your favourite items.    

  1. Shop online

Online shopping can be done almost instantly with just a few clicks. It is a quick, efficient and convenient alternative to in-store shopping, especially when you’re crunched for time. Shopping online helps you to avoid queues, track your orders and find alternatives faster. 


While it may sound taxing, buying on a budget is easier than it seems, as long as you plan and prepare accordingly.   

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