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Recreating Your Favourite Celebrities Home

November 22, 2022 6 min read

Recreating Your Favourite Celebrities Home

From centre stage to the front page, celebs of every age inspire us on a daily basis. Have you ever been mesmerised by your favourite celebrity’s home? Does the thought of owning a home inspired by your favourite celebrity appeal to you? Imagine the immaculate and pristine design of your favourite celebrities home within your own home…from seating to dining, mirrors and décor, rugs and more. Selecting the best range may be quite the dilemma, so we’ve helped narrow it down for you.


Lupita Nyong’o - Living Room

Kenyan born Lupita Nyong’o who is famed for her acting stardom has a traditionally styled living room within which the statement piece is a large, white framed mirror, alongside a wall of windows, nearing the corner of the room and adjacent to her Grey sofa. Although it may sound absurd mirrors are a marvellous decorative item that adds allure to your aesthetic and make a great accent piece. Added benefits of using mirrors in your interior design are that mirrors can reflect the natural light in your surroundings allowing them to not only lighten and brighten up your interiors but also make your rooms appear larger. Mirrors are also a great feature if you love taking selfies or are surrounded by those who do. Leather Gallery has a Nova White natural wood rectangle mirror that would be an ideal selection to replicate this look and is also available as a wall mirror.

Priyanka Chopra - Grand Entrance Hall

If tradition isn’t your trend and you prefer a more Avant Garde interior that inspires you to be limitless, perhaps you’d want to recreate your home interiors with inspiration from the design of world-renowned star Priyanka Chopra’s home. Incorporate a glass top dining table as the centrepiece of your space, to add a sophisticated touch. Your interior can be elevated with uniquely styled arts and crafts, ranging from ostentatious ornaments to flawless faux plants and accessories. We have a wide variety of items that can be used to recreate the interiors showcased in Priyanka Chopra’s home, from statement pieces such as the Mara Glass Top range, the Berkley round wooden dining table, The Tembo Range for a more exclusive interior and the Swivel Stainless Steel Glass coffee table for those who prefer a more contemporary option. The Tahiti Ring Ornaments, Rover Magnifying Glass and the Pinto Bamboo range are just a few of our wide variety of ornaments and décor items that can replicate the star’s home interior design. In addition to these we have an array of faux plants and accessories that can be utilised.

Oprah Winfrey - Study Room

If you prefer rugged, rustic aesthetics blended together with a touch of contemporary design then Oprah’s home interior design may be an ideal source of inspiration for you. Rustic wooden interiors showcase the natural beauty of your interiors and add a touch of warmth to them whilst contemporary interiors add to the aesthetic appeal of a rustic interior design. Oprah’s study room
displays a broad collection of books, accompanied by an accent chair and an armchair similar to Leather Gallery's Isilo 1 Seater Genuine Leather Sofa. These are complemented by an ottoman between them and side tables alongside them, a side lamp sits atop one of the side tables. To add to its visual appeal there are different styles of lighting, downlights are fixed within the ceiling and pendant lighting in the passage, unique artworks and ornaments are displayed on the walls and shelves. Completing the overall aesthetic of Oprah’s study are uniquely patterned decorative rugs.


Oprah Winfrey - Living Room

In contrast to her study Oprah’s living room has a minimalistic touch. Although it still follows the theme of a rustic, contemporary design, it has a more sophisticated touch. The focal point of this living room is an elegant coffee table that is surrounded by two occasional chairs which align with the fireplace and a three-seater sofa and a one-seater sofa. Directly across are two armchairs, between which stands a sideserver. Beautiful artwork lines the wall above the fireplace mantle and faux plants and accessories add more natural aesthetics to this living room. If you’re looking to reinvent your home interiors to match that of Oprah’s here are some products that can help you to achieve this: The Liberty fabric sofa suite, Club Occasional Chair [Czar Chocolate coloured], The Salisbury Leather Ottoman, Stanford Leather Ottoman or the Arizona Leather Ottoman [Czar Ruby coloured]. The Willow Beauty Bureau and Willow Coffee Table, as are suitable selections that match the rustic aesthetic showcased in Oprah’s home interiors. The Black Riley side table adds a modern touch to your interior spaces. The Echo Desk lamp would blend well with the rustic aesthetic. Our range of shelving units, such as the Sterling Shelving unit, and bookcases, such as the Fairview Bookcase, are the perfect addition to any study and can be adapted to suit your interior design style and needs. We have a wide range of dining chairs that fit the rustic aesthetic and can be mixed and matched to replicate or recreate any interior, our recommendations are the Royale Dark Walnut dining chairs [Available in colour Dark Walnut] and the Duke Dining chairs [Available in options, Antique Natural Oak and Antique Dark Oak], these dining chairs are also available with or without armrests. We have a great collection of decorative items such as comfortable scatter cushions, elegant rugs, artwork, faux plants and greenery to add appeal to your interiors.


Steve Harvey - Living Room

Actor, comedian and TV show host Steve Harvey’s home boasts an ornate living room, featuring opulent furniture and lush décor. Our Chanelle Fabric Sofa suite (three-piece) is an excellent choice that is sure to help you channel the grandeur that is portrayed within Steve Harvey’s living room, in the confines of your own living room. From extravagant rugs, a variety of elegant dining tables, side tablesand servers to diverse lighting styles and unique ornaments and artwork, Leather Gallery has all that you need to recreate your favourite celebrity designs.

Trevor Noah -  Bedroom

Trendy, classy and contemporary is the category Trevor Noah’s home falls into. Featuring a sleek, pristine interior and cool tones, the actor and comedians' Bel Air Mansion bedroom boasts a luxe four poster bed, a classic two-seater sofa, a side table with side lamps on them and a pouf, as well as distinctive ornaments, that add to the sophistication of the room. The Leather Gallery has a range of four-poster bed frames, décor items, side lamps, side tables, unique ornaments and many other home furniture items that can help you create an interior similar to that of Trevor Noah’s. The Addison Wood 4 poster bed frame is ideal for a minimalistic and contemporary interior design and for a comfortable seating option the Arizona Fabric two-seater is an excellent choice, or if you’re a leather lover it is also available in a leather option.

Charlize Theron - Living Room

If you live on or near a beachfront then you may love the aesthetic of Charlize Theron’s beachfront home in Malibu, or if you love the beach and beach vibes this home interior design may provide you with inspiration for your own home interior design. Featuring a touch of eclectic, bohemian design and warm tones this home’s interior design is a classic.

Within Charlize Theron’s living room, you will find bright, bold and colourful scatter cushions, that sit atop an elegant fabric couch, the floor is lined with a bohemian-styled rug, in the centre of the room a small coffee table is placed and opposite it lies an elegant and slender chaise. The art sets this room apart and in addition to this, the living room features an accent chair, a window nook and a little, cosy corner nook.

Many decorative ornaments add to this room’s visual appeal. At the Leather Gallery we have a great variety of exquisite home furniture, scatter cushions, coffee tables, occasional chairs, ornaments, ottomans and more to bring the beautiful bohemian design into your interiors. The Salisbury fabric chaise (available in left-hand and right-hand configurations), Birkin Occasional Chair; Gilmore occasional chairs and the Stanford fabric sleeper couch (also available in a leather option) are excellent selections to replicate the warm and inviting bohemian aesthetic of Charlize Theron’s home, within your own home.

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