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Dining Sets – The Ultimate Buyers Guide

March 03, 2022 3 min read

Dining Sets – The Ultimate Buyers Guide

The dining room is one of the most important rooms within the home, so choosing a dining table is an important task, after all this is where you will build memories over shared meals, catch-up on the day’s events or perhaps entertain or share a family celebration.

You want to make the right choice, so take a look at our guide of things to think about before purchasing your dining room set.

Size Matters

The first step you need to take into consideration is how much room you have to place large pieces of furniture in the dining area. Allocating space and getting dimensions right is important to avoiding costly mistakes, where you have too much furniture and not enough room to get around it.

If the room is large enough to store extra dining items such as crockery, cutlery and table décor, then you may want to add complementary furniture such as side boards or servers to the dining room.


Styling your dining room is solely up to you, your lifestyle and needs should help determine exactly what trimmings and sizes you would need for your dining set.

Gone are the days when a dining room’s sole purpose was for a family to partake in meals, dining room’shave now doubled as a home office, study and even as a ‘hang-out’ spot.

Once you have an idea of the amount and type of furniture pieces you are looking for, it’s time to choose your style.

Dining Table

The dining table is going to be the main feature of the room, after all, this is where you and your family and friends dine and make host dinner parties.

There are a variety of shapes that you could style the dining room with rectangular or round, and in some rooms, you may find that an oval table gives you a little more room for other furniture in the corners. 

Luxury dining rooms often feature statement wood dining room furniture sets, combined with fabric chairs that set the tone for the room’s décor. Oak dining room furniture is certainly a long-lasting choice that wears well and tells a story as it ages.

There are also extendable dining table sets that are perfect if you’re looking to cater for larger gatherings. Adding a statement piece is as much about the material you choose as the style, choosing the correct material will determine the tone of the room.


While having good-looking furniture is appealing to the eye, when is comes to choosing the chairs that accompany your dining table your choice should be led by practicality rather than your heart.

Choose material that will suit the needs of your family, consider fabric that is easily wiped clean if you have children or messy eaters, chair covers to help keep the seats of the chair clean.

A modern industrial dining room can work well in a contemporary furniture especially if you combine your office and dining room space.

The choice and styles of chairs are endless, from steel framed chair with and without arm rest are a great option for the perfect look in a multi-purpose work and dining space.

You can have a modern dining room and a functional office all within the same space, without compromising on style.