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Modern Vs Traditional Décor

March 04, 2022 2 min read

Modern Vs Traditional Décor

When it comes to decorating your home, there are no right or wrong styles, it’s all a matter of taste, budget and personal style. Some may prefer a traditional design with rich, earthy colours while others may prefer a minimalistic look, with lots of open space and contemporary designed furniture.

Renovating or redecorating your home takes a lot of thought and time, but understanding the difference of modern vs traditional décor can help you determine what works best for your needs.

The fun part about decorating is that you don’t have to stick with just one design – modern or traditional, you can merge the two designs and use key elements from both to create a space that works for you.

However, if you wish to choose one, then read on to discover the key differences and how you can achieve either a traditional space or a modern one.  

Traditional Design 

Traditional design has long been popular as it is considered to be a timeless aesthetic design which focuses on rich and dark colours as opposed to modern design where the principal emphasis is on using muted colours and large open spaces.

If you choose to stick to traditional décor for your home, making use of plywood panels and dark woods in rich tones will be your best bet in achieving a traditional design. Patterns such as florals, paisleys, plaids and stripes are more prominent in traditional décor, whereas modern décor focuses on minimalistic prints and patterns. 

A typical traditional design is all about detail, and by using different plants and a bunch of flowers as small decorative elements a traditional look and style can be created.

Adding Traditional Style 

Symmetry is everything when it comes to a traditionally designed home. To add traditional décor to your space look to homes of the past and how they were designed and decorated. For simple decorative changes use inside lighting fixtures that provide soft lighting instead of overhead lighting or ornaments that offer a warm, homely feel to it.

Modern Features 

If you want to decorate your home with sleek finishes, contemporary furniture and décor, then a modern style is likely to appeal to you more than a traditional design.

Modern designs focus upon intentional asymmetry, whereas traditional design has a rustic charm naturally. Modern and traditional designs often overlap, and in this way, you can get the best of both worlds.

Modern décor and design offer a contemporary look and appeals to those who love lots of space with bold and rigid structure. Modern design is very much about clean interiors that are typically unadorned and showcase a minimalistic look without the fuss of clutter and trinkets.

Adding Modern Style

Keeping true with a modern design and décorchoices, it is crucial that every element works for you. If you want to add modern style to your home with modern trimmings, angular structures, bold furniture pieces and sharp edges can be incorporated into your modern design.