June 15, 2021


Rugs are the perfect way to pull your room together. Effortlessly ground a room and add in a splash of colour, incorporate new patterns or introduce new textures to the space. While most people are more accustomed to adding rugs indoors, not many people think to add a rug to their outdoor entertaining space or patio. However, adding a rug outdoors perfectly anchors the space and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere.
While carpets work both indoors and outdoors, it is important to be careful when selecting a rug as you cannot use just any carpet in an outdoor space. Outdoor rugs are specifically created to withstand the weather and terrane of the outdoors and still maintain their look and feel.


While the name does give it away, indoor-outdoor rugs can be used both inside your home and outside your home. Indoor-outdoor rugs are noticeably more durable than the average indoor rug as they have been crafted to withstand the elements. An added benefit of outdoor rugs is that they can be mould and mildew-resistant, therefore you do not have to worry about them getting damaged and mouldy after a storm.


The majority of indoor-outdoor rugs are crafted from a synthetic material such as polyester or polypropylene. These materials allow the rug to be very durable, as well as stain-resistant. There is a fine line between being durable to the outdoor elements and having a comfortable texture that still works indoors. Indoor-outdoor carpets have the added benefit of being available in a wide variety of colour and patterns that are UV resistant, therefore the colours do not fade in the sunlight.
If synthetic fibre indoor-outdoor rugs are not your taste, natural fibre rugs can also be used as an alternative. Natural materials such as jute, seagrass and sisal are great alternatives for an open-aired space such as patios and covered deck areas. Similar to the synthetic materials, these natural fibre rugs are extremely durable and have the added bonus of being crafted from raw, natural materials. However, it is important to be aware that jute and sisal, should only be used in a covered porch or patio, as they are susceptible to mould and mildew, and can be damaged by excessive exposure to moisture. Seagrass, on the other hand, is water-resistant and non-absorbent, and can therefore handle the elements a bit better. 


While you cannot use all indoor rugs outside, all outdoor rugs can be used inside your home. However, due to most outdoor rugs being crafted from flatweaves, you may want to add a rug pad underneath to add extra cushion underfoot. If you choose to use outdoor rugs indoors, they are best placed in areas that see a lot of foot traffic and are prone to becoming messy, such as the kitchen, dining room and hallway. These places are more at risk of things being spilt, messed or highly used, and an outdoor rug has more chance at resisting these stains and potential damages than a thick pile indoor rug.  


When you have an indoor-outdoor rug you get the best of both worlds, they can be used both inside and outside in many different areas and settings. Indoor-outdoor rugs are perfect for homes that need a durable rug that is still stylish.
Here are a few scenarios where indoor-outdoor rugs are the perfect choice for your home.


If you have children, indoor-outdoor rugs are a great choice as they are durable, low-maintenance and easy to clean. Due to the synthetic materials that indoor-outdoor rugs are crafted from, if something is spilt on them, they can be easily wiped down with some generic household soap and a damp cloth. Indoor-outdoor rugs are perfect for family homes and are often best placed in dining rooms, in kitchen breakfast nooks as well as in children’s playrooms.
Indoor-outdoor rugs are ideal if you have pets in your home as they can be easily swept, vacuumed and wiped down to remove any muddy paw prints, dust and loose hair. They are also incredibly durable and so sharp claws and nails are less likely to pull threads in an indoor-outdoor rug than a normal indoor rug.


Indoor-outdoor rugs are the ideal rug choice for busy, bustling homes. If you need to do a quick clean to get rid of dust and crumbs you can quickly and easily shake them out or give them a quick vacuum. If you need to give your indoor-outdoor rugs a deeper clean, they can be thoroughly cleaned in a matter of minutes, simply take it out into an open area and spray it down with a hosepipe, scrub the rug with a mild detergent soap and a brush and then rise and hang out to dry. The benefit of indoor-outdoor rugs is that the quality and finish will not be affected even if very frequently cleaned.


Indoor-outdoor rugs are crafted from synthetic materials that are specifically made to handle large volumes of traffic. Therefore, they are perfect for placing in areas of your home that are the busiest such as entryways, passages and living rooms.

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