June 14, 2021 3 min read


There is no set of rules to determine whether a sectional or sofa is better for your space. In fact, whether you choose a sectional or a sofa may boil down to personal preference. However, there are some factors to consider if you need help making the choice. By thinking about the advantages of sectionals and sofas, you can choose the option that you’ll be happy to sit down on, or even relax into a full recline on, for years and years.

Here are some factors to consider when determining if a sectional or sofa is right for you.

Number of seats: If just two or three seats are needed, then a sofa is the choice for you. If you are looking for five or more seats, you may wonder whether a sectional or two sofas, or another seating combination is the right fit for your room.  For this much seating, a sofa paired with a second sofa, a one-seater couch or two occasional chairs is one option. A sectional in a variety of configurations is your other choice. You should also consider how many, if any, recliner options you want in your seating arrangement.

Who will they be used by?

Sectionals and a sofa suite can give you the same number of seats. Keep in mind, however, that not all seats are created equally. Paining a couch and occasional offer armrests for more guests as well as a more personal space, making it a good choice for people who entertain often. Sectionals contain more middle seats that may leave your guests feeling uncomfortably close. However, they can be a preferred option for families, providing cozy seating for movie nights and more.

Style preference:

Sofas and sectionals are both available in a wide range of styles from traditional to modern. Generally, sectionals are more oversized and casual looking; while sofas have more formal options available, as well as casual looks.

How will they be used:

Do you want to sink into your sofa or sectional at the end of the day, or use it for formal entertaining? Perhaps something in between? Couches and sectionals are both available in a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern. However, sofas often come in more formal designs, while sectionals are often more casual in style. Your activities and style of entertaining can help decide if a sectional or a couch is better for your room.

Size of your room:

If you have a small space, a traditional sofa typically works best. If you have a lot of space in your living or family room, you may opt for a sectional sofa. For medium sized spaces, the options are more open. You may actually find that a strategically placed sectional will make the room feel less cluttered than a tight grouping of a sofa and occasional chair or chairs. Try to visualize how each piece would look in your space. Also, make sure to measure the space in your room before making your purchase.

Ability for change:

If you are someone who loves rearranging their furniture every year or so, a sofa may be a better choice for you. Paired with a occasional chair or chairs, you can gain the same amount of seating as provided by a sectional, with the ability to rearrange your furniture as needed or desired. While a sectional sofa offers versatile configurations, your ability to change the layout is more limited.

What’s your preference?

While all of these considerations are noteworthy, there is no single determining factor on whether a sectional or sofa is better. Ask yourself, “which choice are you drawn to more?”. You may like an elegant sofa, be more drawn to a trendy couch, or like the cozy appeal of a large sectional sofa. Perhaps the functionality of the sofa or sectional is most important to you, making power recliners and even cinema seating options appealing. As long as the furniture fits in your room, there’s no wrong answer when considering a sectional vs sofa.

Once you’ve decided on a sectional vs a couch, you can look at many other options to choose the right one for you. Do you want a traditional sofa or sectional? A trendy urban design? Something that’s casual and comfortable? You can also consider factors such as the depth and height of the furniture. Of course, there are many material options, including leather, a variety of performance fabrics, and many different colors and patterns. Make sure to consider how the piece will fit with your existing furniture and home décor, and you’ll be set for years of comfortable enjoyment—whether you are seated on a sofa with a friend or lounging with your feet up on a chaise sectional.