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How about a rainbow room?

June 20, 2022 2 min read

How about a rainbow room?

Until now, introducing rainbows into our interior design has been considered slightly or even totally puerile. However, recent years have seen people beginning to embrace their quirkier and more eccentric way of life. Whether you want to go all out with bright shades from the rainbow, the pastel version of it, or neutral earthy tones, rainbows can make for a pretty interesting and subtle design concept that will keep you on-trend and keep your home looking gentle and beautiful. 

You don’t have to go about making your entire home a rainbow haven. You could just select one room in the house that you would like to give quirkier personality to than the rest of the house, or if you are the kind of person that would like to add wonderful pops of colour to every section of your home the go-ahead, it is your home right? 

It has been said that rainbow décor is now being looked at as a breath of fresh air from the endless news cycle and heart-wrenching headlines. Human beings all want to feel happy and inspired therefore we jump on to trends that promote these feelings daily. Rainbow décor has even been referred to as a form of escapism. Our normal day-to-day activities in the modern world are so busy that it is sort of nice to escape into a playful and not-so-serious space. 

A space that is designed in a way that is not strenuous and gives off a more relaxed feel encourages us to daydream, read, create or just slow down for a while. 

Colours and rainbows ultimately bring joy and happiness. Most of our interior spaces are brown bricks or plain walls, which sometimes brings along with it a dullness. Rainbow décor is found to be visually pleasing and equally heart-warming. 

A simple purchase like a few cushions in shades that contribute to a rainbow palette can make your space appear much more alive and happier. 

Some rainbow-inspired scatters for your interiors: 

These are richly coloured scatters that can introduce a subtle, grown-up rainbow décor design to your space that will bring out the feeling of happiness and relaxation. 

With this design style, there is a risk of rainbows becoming too ubiquitous therefore it pays to think outside of the box to create a space that is fresh and new. To keep the look of your interior constantly evolving, you do not necessarily have to translate rainbows in the known and traditional way. Creating your take on rainbows will be highly beneficial to making your space not look and seem cliché. A way of doing this is by not following the conventional primary colour palette or color order that is expected from a rainbow design. 

Complete your space with some stunning rainbow-infused art pieces, paintings, wallpaper, ornaments, or any décor items that add to the look. 

This can be a pretty fun design concept to follow and it will create a space within your home that inspires and calms you.